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Cool Internet Tricks, Everyone Should Be Using by Now

The internet now takes a lot more hours of our time and the number of people getting access to the internet. We do a lot of things online ranging from streaming, Facebooking, shopping online and a lot that i can't actually mention. ,You know them right?.

As our interactions on the internet increases, it is equally important to develop some tricks which actually makes our various activities on the internet a lot more fun. There are also few tricks you should be using by now. if you don't already know them, then i suggest you check them out and start practicing.

Short-cuts and tricks are endless and keeps on surfacing every now and then. Here i have put together few of those tricks for you. I will be bringing more exciting ones in subsequent posts.


Everyday you post updates, pictures and things that are important to you on Facebook. with these pictures, posts etc you put on your page, you are actually writing a story of your life as you go. You didn't think of it that way right? well, obviously it is. In that sense how about a cool way to get a copy of all your Facebook stuffs in one place in one file on your device. I call it "Facebook journal"
actually you can. to do that just log in to your Facebook page and click on "settings" and look for the option "download a copy" below the settings box. See image below. This way you will have an interactive copy of your Facebook data which includes all your pictures, messages, updates etc


Now to those of you who do shopping on ebay, how about a little strange stuff that makes you think out of the box. for example next time you go for shopping on ebay just try and type in a wrong spelling of the item you are looking for. the idea is that the item that pops up are not found by a great number of people and so you stand a chance of getting them at a cheap price. Just check it out and see how much you save on those items.


There is a fast and easy way to save stuffs you see online without actually having to download with data. Things like pictures, and basically anything else that pops up on your computer screen. The Screen Capture tool does exactly that. Here is how; if you are using a Mac Just hold the SHIFT, COMMAND and 4 your keyboard then select the area on your screen you want to save using the mouse and immediately you release the click button it captures.
Now if you are using a PC just press on the "print screen" (prt scr) button to copy it to the clipboard and past it where you wanna keep it.


This is actually having fun with Google search. to do so go to Google search and type in the search box "do a barrel roll" press enter and see the magic. this is really fun to do. Good when you taking a break on a long Google search. I just know page on google can roll like that ha...ha..


A lot of internet users access the internet from public computers which raises security concerns on your accounts log ins. To protect yourself from hackers getting access to your browsing history use this trick. Most modern browsers currently comes with an option for "private browsing" or "incognito" with this non of your browsing history is remembered or recorded by the browser so when you log off it is as if no one has used the browser.

I Strongly recommend this to all public internet users. it will help you play safe online.


Did you know there is a simple way to record your computer screen and make it into a video and share it with friends on social media? you can record you own game-play actions and virtually anything you doing on your computer. To do that open Quick Time Player (or you have another video editor such as openshot, VLC etc) , click on File and select
New screen recording. you can also select which microphone you want to use and click record.  

click this link to Read this article for Openshot 
now everything you do on the screen would be captured into a video file. With this trick you can
make game tutorials, record special highlights or do video commentaries and share on YouTube.


And then youTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Here is a few tricks for YouTube that will make it better for you. First, to receive update notifications on your subscribed YouTube channels, click on the settings icon next to the "Subscribed box" on the channel you want to enable notifications. Select "send me updates" and click on save. and you will get an email notification the next time there is a new video upload.

The second, if you don't like to see text caption on videos just click on it and drag it off the screen or you can turn it off  by selecting the "CC" button down the right side of the streaming screen and select OFF.

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