Monday, July 25, 2016

Wow, Michael Jordan donating $2 million

As Present NBA stars such as Le Bron James, Carmelo Anthony,Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul  are among the many professional athletes who have expressed about the recent police-related shootings and the importance of social change in America, using their celebrity and the platform of professional sports to do.

Now, Michael Jordanwho has been investigated for silently with past social, political  issues  has broken his silence.

In a statement that's shared on the undefeated on Monday morning, said Jordan the following:

"As a proud American, a father who his own father in a senseless act of violence, and a black man lost, I have been deeply troubled by the death of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and irritated by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing police officers. I mourn with the families who have lost loved ones, as I know all too well their pain.

"I was raised by parents who taught me love and respect in people without getting to know their background and race, so I'm saddened and frustrated by the divisive rhetoric and racial tensions that seem to be getting worse as of late. I know that this country is better than that, and I can no longer remain silent. We must find solutions that ensure people of color receive fair and equal treatment and which police officers  who are risking their lives to protect us all  to be respected and supported.

"The past three decades, I have close to the dedication of the law enforcement officers who protect me and my family. I have the utmost respect for their sacrifice and service. I also recognise that for many people of color their experiences with law enforcement is different than mine. I have decided to speak out in the hope that we together as Americans, and through peaceful dialogue and education, constructive change can come.

"To support that effort, I make contributions of $ 1 million each for two organizations, the International Association of Chiefs of police of new established Institute for community-police relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. The Institute for Community-police relations policy and the monitoring of work is focused on building trust and promoting best practices in Community police. My donation to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, the nation's oldest civil rights law organization, its continued work in support of the reforms that will build mutual trust and respect between communities and law enforcement will support. Although I know that these contributions are not enough to solve the problem, I hope that the funds will help both organizations make a positive difference.

"We are privileged to live in's world's largest country, a country that has my family and me the greatest opportunities. The problems that we have to faced not happen over night and will not be solved tomorrow, but if we all work together, we can promote good understanding, changed to positive and create better peaceful world for ourselves, our children, our families and our communities. "

After statement of Jordan then Khalil Ifill, President and Director-counsel of the LDF, the following statement:

"I'm so glad and respected that Michael Jordan will make this donation to LDF to support our police reform efforts. It is an act of true leadership that Mr. Jordan has chosen with his status to highlight the importance of this issue to all Americans and by means of a personal attitude in support of organisations directly involved in addressing this crisis in our nation. We are grateful for this support, which will allow us to our involvement on the issue of police reform at this critical time in our country. "


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