Monday, August 1, 2016


A Bad news for users of windows and the windows lovers, because at the end of July (precisely on 29 July 2016) time to upgrade for free from the windows 7 or windows 8 has been declared to be stopped, it has officially reported through its website ( – us/windows/get-windows-10).

It will bring enormous impact once the users hope that will bring positive things for its users in order to support system for free. Of course the use of windows will likely be reduced. And now for an upgrade was required to be done by using a purchased system to be able to run in full version of windows. This applies to all tools that use the windows version 10. Then for a user who has downloaded the OS windows 10 in the form of an ISO in this case when the first time they install or install in the computer is also required to enter a valid product key which for that key must be charged of money when using full versions of windows 10 in order to run properly. And if User device is already installed in the previous version of windows then there should be a digital entitlement thing so that windows will not automatically re-enter the product key again.

When user has been upgraded to Windows 10 into user device, user can perform in the beginning installation process. In this stage, User doesn’t need a product key to activate Windows again on the same device or tool.

Time to Upgrade
Every upgrade process is always taking for and hour or more,

The capacity of the hard drive for Upgrade

In the Upgrade process also requires space in the disk as a place. In this case the upgrade process for windows 10 takes at least 32 GB using of hard drive. If less usually space of it, then try to delete the files unnecessary application on the old hard drive. As for the new hard drive usually have a large enough space.

Some applications should be removed

In the process of upgrading windows 10 that have been purchased, sometimes there are several applications that do not run properly. Well, if User wants to run smoothly, Try to remove the application that broken or cannot work, and then try to reinstall it when windows 10 upgrade full version that have been bayed to be installed.

There are a few things user need to know:
1.     For the language setting from the upgrade system must be done manually, and there steps that must be followed:
Then chose
Then chose
The last step is ADD LANGUAGE 
and then choose the language that have been expected.
2.      Windows Media Center for windows 10 Upgrade does not exist.
3.     Once user commit the Upgrade process to windows 10 and didn't work as user expected, user can do the downgrade process with follow this steps below

Of course this downgrade process will not always work perfectly, because it depends on the system restore process user have in user computer. If User computer does not exist that restore file then it is advisable to re-install with other media such as DVD by using a valid product key.

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