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If you've got ever closely-held your own pc then at some purpose you've got had to contend with hardware that dies at some purpose. typically many of us don't grasp what's even wrong, however simply their pc quit operating and cannot begin. interestingly enough, after you really attempt to begin the pc it beeps many times and suddenly displays a message... "OS Not Found".
Luckily for U.S. although, it’s really quite easy to exchange a broken disk drive. Most of the time the sole tool you even want could be a screw driver. Following these steps can enable you to exchange that tough drive in no time flat! thus here they're...

  1. Disconnect the facility cable from the rear of the pc.
  2. Once you've got the facility disconnected, undo all the opposite cables and wires from the pc.
  3. Place the pc tower on a table or stand to permit easier access to the pc.
  4. Locate the 2 screws holding the duvet on the aspect of the pc. Some computers, like Dell, have a handle or button you press which will unharnessed the aspect of the pc for you while not having to get rid of any screws.
  5. Remove the duvet and place off to the aspect, out of the means.
  6. Unless you ordered over one disk drive for your pc, most computers solely go with one disk drive. Most of the time they're placed within the spot directly below your computer's compact disc read-only memory or optical disk player. Older computers use IDE's drives and newer computers use SATA drives. IDE is simple to identify because it features a fairly wide cable attaching the disk drive to the circuit board. SATA on the opposite hand, uses plenty smaller cable. They each even have some type of power line hooked up to them. this is often typically a tiny low, white plastic jack for IDE, and a good smaller black jack for SATA. Once you recognize what kind you've got you just have to be compelled to go purchase a replacement disk drive that’s identical because the recent drive.
  7. At now you'll be able to disconnect the recent disk drive. Don't disconnect the cables nonetheless.
  8. Install the new disk drive to the slot and screw it backtrack properly.
  9. Once you've got the new disk drive in situ, disconnect the primary cable from the recent disk drive.
  10. Attach this cable to the new disk drive.
  11. Disconnect the last cable and connect it to the new disk drive.
  12. With each cables connected, you ought to be ready to replace the duvet and screws to seal your pc case.
  13. Re-attach every cable to the rear of your pc, connecting the facility cable keep a copy last.
  14. Install a recent copy of Windows on your pc and you ought to be smart as new. Most computers go with some reasonably disk which will install Windows for you. merely activate your pc, insert the disk as shortly as you'll be able to, and it ought to show a message asking you if you'd wish to boot from the CD. The Windows installation is fairly easy subsequently.

Once you've got replaced a tough drive, substitution different things sort of a vidoe card, or electronic equipment ar a chunk of cake. Most everything else merely plugs into some reasonably slot creating most hardware work a breeze.

And there are another case just similar with case above,

There is also each day after you boot your personal computer (pc) and you're welcome to the tune of a beeping pc with the words "INSERT SYSTEM DISK" show with black screen background or a range of that orthography. Likelihood is that the drive went below.


And this is often what you're planning to do to induce around that and replace the drive. Initial you're planning to have to be compelled to take away the pc case. Either you've got a no tool needed pc case, or worst case state of affairs you're planning to want a screw driver. I cannot out right tell you ways to get rid of the pc case as there square measure thousands of various styles. However you'll manage to try to do it.

Next we'd like to spot if you've got a IDE or SATA that stands for Serial ATA. If the drive is connected there to massive board within the pc case (i.e. known as a motherboard), with a ribbon cable it's in all probability a IDE drive. you're planning to want a brand new one. Either get one from a conventional merchandiser or an internet merchandiser.

If the cable is spherical rather than a ribbon cable you've got a SATA drive. Therefore then you'd have to be compelled to either move to a conventional merchandiser or an internet merchandiser and obtain one amongst them. Next you're planning to have to be compelled to take away the recent drive and place within the new one. Secure it with no matter latching mechanism your pc case has with either screws or a tab feature. Connect the cable be it a ribbon cable or a spherical SATA cable.

Then you'll install the package. we have a tendency to square measure running on associate degree assumption that your pc can attempt to boot from the package disc if there's one in your read-only memory or DVD-ROM drive.

If not, build an effort to enter BIOS because there ought to be directions on a way to enter this configuration screen once your pc is booting and choose read-only memory as the initial boot device and save the settings and take a look at once more.

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