Sunday, May 14, 2017


For smart phone user, Android OS almost widely installed on it then the others. Event that I have bean read article about android, there are 84 percent of people that using the Smart Phones in the world use Android OS. Day by day everyone usually familiar with that OS. And several people say that android is simple OS with a lot of benefit for user. Including Application that install on it. This OS created known to be open source. Therefore we can be a developer. Or just as user that tried to use and install application that contain on that OS.

And there are another several benefit that we must know:
  1. This OS support 3d graphics. Usually in Android user use this thing for games application. And Most Basically, this feature is crucial for the success of any mobile application.
  2. For Developer, We can use this OS to develop our application program on it. And then we share or sell on Google Play store that will show on Android OS.
  3. And Android Basically based on Linux kernel which means that the basic features of Android are very similar to those of Linux kernel. With based on Linux kernel, android will give a very secure and stable platform as that implemented on Computer Operating system for PC or Laptop, ensuring an obstacle free and smooth environment where applications can perform their best.
  4. And Android is used java language. A developer with a working knowledge of Java and good experience in this programming type can easily get Android application up and running with relative ease

But there problem that we using that OS especially related with smart phone hardware. Not all of smart phone fit with the OS, because more OS that has been released more high hardware specification of smart phone that will be used. The problem is not just it, there are another thing that happen badly especially when we push start button on smart phone and then OS is restarting again or looping restart. If this happen, user will be upset. And actually this is happening in to my friend smart phone. Me and my friend just try to looking for solution this from Google search , but none result that fix my friend smart phone. Just for note that Smart phone that is used is Asus zenfone

After my friend smart phone doesn't have solution, then I have solution for Looping Restart Just try this.
  1. Drain your battery of your smart phone until zero
  2. Then try to connect Your smart phone trough usb cable to Computer
  3. And wait for long maybe 3-5 Hours
  4. Then try to push button on your smart phone, then your phone will go run normally as usual

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