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This article discusses linux public summary of Linux software. Linux on the most basic type using a kernel pc. The kernel is that of basic encoding system, used to communicate with the hardware, and software packages with different system

The Linux Kernel is software, which runs on a form of great hardware and to spread the function in the world. Linux is able to run on a device as simple as watching together like cell phones, but can also run on processors that already exist today, for example, Intel or AMD processors, and even capable of running to a higher level as Sun servers Sparc CPU or IBM Power processors. Some Linux distributions will only run one processor, while the others will run some directly.

Commonly used for Linux home system embodies a desktop computer, or a lot usually for application servers, such as use as an online server, or mail server. You'll even use Linux as a firewall fanatics to help shield the different machine sizes square on constant network.

Student computer users named Linus Torvalds created Linux as the 1st variant of operating system software in 1991. Linus Torvalds made Linux with open system (GPL) (General Public License), thus different programmers can transfer ASCII text files are exempt from fees and change the way they look at the work. Thousands of coders around the world start downloading files and fix Linux ASCII text, applying patches, and bug fixes and enhancements that are different, to make the OS be higher and higher. Over the years Linux has gone from a text that is easy especially based on Dead Ringer for the operating system, for a strong software package operations, with the full-featured desktop environment, and unprecedented, and deployment using movableness. Most of the initial operating system code conjointly has little by little been written from Linux for years.

As a result of Linux being open supply software package, there is no Linux version; Instead there are many different versions of the measure square or a Linux distribution, the size of the square are equipped for different users and tasks. Some Linux distributions Gentoo, Slackware and manifest, that thanks to the rarity of a graphical environment overall was the best, complete Linux specialists, programmers and users who understand their way around prompt. The lack of size distribution of square environment best graphics equipped for older computers that lack the necessary processing power for graphics methods, or for a computer processor-intensive tasks, acting wherever it is exciting to have all of the system resources that are focused on the task at hand, rather than wasting resources by the process graphically. a different Linux distribution aimed at creating computational skills as simple as can be done. Distributions like Ubuntu, Linspire Linux build or an easy way to use, by providing full-featured graphical environment that facilitate eliminating the need for a prompt. even pulling back is configure ability easy to use smaller amounts, and system resources are wasted on graphic process. different distributions such as Suse strives to embody the typical Foundation is easy to use and configure ability.

And now we will learn how to update linux, especially for ubuntu step by step.

1. The first step is open terminal on Ubuntu just like picture below

2. Second step is type “sudo apt-get update” (without double quote)

3. Last step is waiting until process completed

I hope this information can be usefully for all of you.

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