Friday, September 15, 2017


Ever wanted to edit a photo but couldn't because all of the photo editing software out there are way too expensive? I think we can answer it with say “YES”. There is software that you can edit your photo without to spend a lot of money. That software is called GIMP. GIMP is an amazing photo editing software that is pretty easy to use once you get. Well here's a solution to your problem and you don’t must pay to get and installed it on your computer. The hang of it and best of all, and really free to download. It has tons of things to do with endless options on what to do to a photo to make it look amazing and nice.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Eventually made its way over to Windows and Mac versions because of it's success. It was originally made for Linux users.
Once you have begin starting the program, then press F1 for context-sensitive help. Compared to other photo editing programs. GIMP comes with a built-in help system. Depending on how your version of GIMP was packaged you should have to install the help pages from a separate package (gimp-help),

As you can expect, GIMP is mainly used to edit photos. This program makes editing very fun, easy and is very comfort to used it. Of course there are minor things to learn before becoming an expert but once you learn those first few beginner tips then you are off to start your amazing photo editing projects. Although making those are a little bit tougher to do, it is still really fun and other than photo editing, GIMP can also make animations and little videos. Cool once you get the hang of it.


GIMP is considered to be one of the greatest photo editing programs out there and the price couldn't be better, it’s free. It's easily accessible and updates come out pretty often with fun new things to do all you have to do is go to GIMP's website and download it. And explore in the program. 


Rather than waiting for an update to come out, another nice thing about GIMP is that new things can be added to the program. 
You can go a head yourself and download some plug-in for the program right from their so when looking for a great photo editing software that is free look no where else website! Also, you can add different brushes and different fonts to the program to make your
picture stand out just that much more, except for GIMP. Brushes can be added to the program to make it even more fun to edit your photos too. When we use that software to edits photos making it fun and easy. 
It can create animations and little videos, and new things such as fonts and can impress your friends.

if you want to download you can click here


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