Hello guys, we met again. This time I will show you how to install team viewer on Ubuntu. Of course Operating system that we use is Linux. Team viewer is remote controlling software for computer client which use internet as network. Team viewer is very helpful to remote the other computer from far away. Usually if we want to use Team viewer is working smooth and fast, we must use internet which have good and fast connection.
Team viewer almost install on windows. But several users is using it on Linux. The installation on ubuntu is different from windows.
There are two ways to download and install it
The First way Install Team Viewer, There are steps to install it on ubuntu.
1. Go to download page
2. Then choose download menu and then choose Linux (as Operating System)
3. And then choose type of Linux Operating System, there are three type linux that support.    first:Ubuntu,Debian.
second:RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, SUSE
third: OTH
4. if your linux operating system using ubuntu then choose Ubuntu and So do I, I choosed Ubuntu because my computer using Linux Ubuntu.
5. After you download it, then click Team Viewer that has been download on your computer
6. Then you will directed to Ubuntu Software Center to Install it
7. On the Ubuntu software center there is an install button, and then pressed it. Wait until the process is accomplished (100%)
8. Then to find team viewer software just search on Unity (Top Left menu button). The icon of it will appear.

The Second way Install Team Viewer, so as the first. In this way we have several step to install it.
1. Open Terminal on menu bar, if the terminal don’t show on menu bar just search on Unity.
2. After Terminal has opened, then type:
3. Stay focused on terminal, next step install the downloaded DEB file by typing:
sudo dpkg -i teamviewer_i386.deb
4. If DPKG have any errors show, fix any dependency issues to make sure everything works fine, just type below on terminal:
sudo apt update && sudo apt -f install

That all guys the way to install TeamViewer, I hope it will now be ready for use and will be present in your menu.


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