Monday, September 25, 2017


Hello there we met again, this time I will show you how to use Openshot windows or we can say Openshot Video Editor on Windows. I has been used Openshot Video Editor on Linux Ubuntu Operating system to edit or create video with my own will. and I think Openshot Video Editor is amazing and awesome software for regular user although this software is used for design and movie editor people. In this software we see the clips can be modified on the timeline in many ways, including scaling, trimming, rotating, alpha, and snapping, adjusting x, and y location can also be these animated properties over time with a few clicks! You can also use our conversion tool to interactively resize clips. But there are few questions:

1. Is an Openshot Video Editor can be installed it on windows operating system?

According to the question above, basically we has been read on the Openshot Video Editor website which it should be installed on linux. But now Openshot Video Editor can be installed on Windows Operating System and so with MAC operating system that you may see on Openshot Video Editor  website 

2. How to download Openshot Video Editor for Windows Operating System?

We can download Openshot Video Editor for Windows Operating system but just use in on Windows (64-bit Installer). Just go to the website and then download it with windows download blue button or follow this step below

a. Go to the openshot video editor to get openshot download

b. Then choose windows download button

c. Then click Download v.2.4.0 blue button top right on the website

d. Then Download process will start with use 128mb on your hard drive.

e. Next step is installed Openshot Video Editor  Windows that has been download.

3. What Version of Openshot Video Editor to Windows Operating System Allowed? 

According from the website, we can only installed Openshot Video Editor in Above Windows 7 seven. And that is really proofed, when I tried to install on Windows XP and doesn’t work.

4. Is there any Openshot Video Editor for Windows that use 32Bit?
I think if you looking it for Windows (32-bit Installer), I think there is no hope to do that. Because in the official website is just show us with Windows (64-bit Installer). and may be you can installed openshot 64 bit windows on openshot 32 bit windows. 

5. Is Openshot Video Editor for Windows is free?

I think this software amazing for beginner or may be for professional. I say that because, we have no paid to install and used it beside that tool that have on it is more than enough. I have been used Openshot Video Editor for a week and there are no error on, although sometime it take long time when export processing. 

6. When did Openshot Video Editor has been created?

Openshot has been created in 2008, it was created to try to build a free, simple, open source video editor for Linux. It is now available on Mac, Windows that has been downloaded millions of times and continues to grow as a project!


  1. Thank you for this very useful info! I am the worst at trying to get video editors to work.

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