Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Use Network Backup Software in Virtualized Environments

As long as increasing using of server virtualization has driven network backup tools developers to come up with options to restore virtual machines. Virtualization that has been develop is a permanent trend and is here to stay. Physical backup vendors are found to make modifications in their solutions to make them function in virtualized environments. However it must be remembered that virtual machine backup solution do not backup physical servers. If We choosing the virtualization backup appliance, make sure that it provides all that you require to implement an effective disaster recovery strategy.

Network backup software features that support VM backup

Tools which use for Network Backup that supplies virtualized retention should be endowed with the features that will facilitate virtual or physical backup or both. The other features include image based backup; file-level restore, etc. It further enables deduplication and compression of stored data; replication of backup data off-site for disaster recovery; and deployment as a Windows app or prebuilt virtual machine.
pic. Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_mobile_virtualization

A virtual machine can be backed up by any server backup solution with the help of the agents inside each VM. This may allow administrators to restore files, but then it would be devoid of any virtualization feature. Therefore it is advisable to choose virtualization specific storage tools that will provide all the features to create optimal VM backup.

Types of network backup software that support virtualization backup

There are several types of virtualization backup appliances available in the market. There is a specific type that can store all virtualization platforms. It is particularly advantageous because organizations just need to make a single, onetime license purchase to back up all of their VMs. This operates as an agent-less storage in most of the infrastructures and can provide both physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-virtual conversion with option to even backup to tape. While it supports deduplication, the replication option is not there. However the online backup option can be used to send restored data over the Internet for off-site storage. Likewise there are other options available. Some can restore both physical servers and virtual machines; others can provide remote site replication, support deduplication, etc. Choose the solution that best fits your business needs.

Market for network backup software with VM backup features

Virtualization backup tools today have reached a high level of sophistication. Otherwise of just barely meeting the restore requirement, virtualization backup software are now coming equipped with features that perform tasks that were never imagined possible before. After virtualization has been create into existing storage software category has been revived with features that conventional physical server restore failed to support. Virtual labs, instant restore of VMs and actual automated verification of VM backups are among the multitude of the facilities that mature virtualization backup solutions offer.
Moreover network backup software has been developed to enable replication of changed blocks in a VM disk file, thereby eliminating the need for creating backup tapes or storing those tapes off-site. The transformation of beam are easily replicated to another location via internet.

Virtualization has helped consolidate IT operations, making them more dynamic and flexible. But it has complicated the backup procedures. Although Virtualization is complicated, but network backup software vendor have been increased to the defiant and have developed virtualization specific backup tools to cater to VM backup requirements.

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