Using Copyscape for New Freelance Article Writers

Copyscape is probably the most popular tool to use for checking plagiarism. Most companies use it to find out if someone has stolen their content or if the article that has been submitted to them are just copies. If you are a freelance article writer, then you already know that Copyscape is a valuable tool to use in making articles. If you are a new freelance article writer or you want to start a career as a freelance writer, then you should know how to use Copyscape.

Copyscape is fairly easy enough to use.. You just need a website where you can put your written article and have it checked by Copyscape. However, not all people has a website, or not all people can afford to have a website. So, how to use Copyscape when you don't have a website? It's simple, just create an account to a free blog site and you can have a website. Sure there are free web hosting sites out there. However, free web hosting sites are often full of advertisements in them. These advertisements will be detected by Copyscape as plagiarisms. free blog sites are better to use. Some, like Blogger and WordPress offers free space to put your blogs and they will not put any advertisements in your blog site.

How to use Copyscape step by step guide.
  1. Create an account in either or Login if you has been registered

  2. Create a new post.
  3. Copy your written article in the box provided.
  4. Publish your post.
  5. View your post.
  6. Copy the the link at the address bar.(same with step number three)
  7. Go to  and Paste the link of your blog post. then Click on "Go" (same with step number four)
  8. Wait a few seconds and a result will appear.
  9. Copyscape will tell you if there is any plagiarisms in your article. And if there are, Copyscape will display the link of sites that where the plagiarisms has been found. If you click on the link, you will be taken to the website where all the plagiarized words will be highlighted. You will then have to change those words that has been detected as plagiarized. After you have made changes, begin with step 2 again. Only this time, you will not be creating a new post but you will edit your post. Continue checking until no plagiarisms are detected.
  10. If there are no Plagiarisms detected. Copyscape will say that there are no results found. Your article has now passed Copyscape and you can now submit it.
In freelance article writing, a plagiarized work means that it will not paid. To avoid this, learn how to use Copyscape to be sure that the work that you have done is original.

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