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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Advantages of Tablet PC

Hello, we meet again. Today I will share something related with Personal Computer or PC. I think Almost people in the world have this things. Because PC for human just like friend that can connected to the world. At old time, PC have huge body with large component. But, Today PC has changed into more smaller. Almost People like to buy PC with smaller size. I think is make sense to me, why i could say that, because with more smaller of PC is good and efficient that related with daily activity. And that smaller PC is called A tablet PC.

Tablet PC for Businessman

A tablet PC is smaller than the standard computer but larger than a smart phone. This type of device was able being more known all around the world as it is complete with remarkable features. It has capture the eyes of consumers because of its specs and design too. Without a single doubt, tablet PC using SIM slot continues to be trending nowadays and would continuously be especially among businessmen. If you also see yourself using this all-in-one gadget, then probably you might have thought of purchasing it a lot of times. Well, you don't even have a reason to pull back since it offers a number of benefits. For you to find out a bit of what you can get from it, read the following.

SIM Features

Tablet PC which has installed SIM slot could let you send text messages the same as what you are able to do along with your mobile phones. And since it is also considered as a tablet PC with calling feature, you can have it used for calling. It ensures that whenever you bring it along with you, you then can no longer have to carry your smart phones to help you minimize what you have inside your bag. Truly, you can have it used for appropriate communication.

Portable Features

Another, this certainly one of a kind device can be used for sending an e-mail or singing into your preferred networking sites or anything that you could do with Internet. It should serve as your computer and what's best is you can have it brought wherever you would like since it is 100% portable. You sure wouldn't have any fuss too since it is light weighted and convenient as well. So whatever your plans is, whether it's for business purposes or simply a getaway, you sure would see no problem while using the device.it is full of entertainment too. If you're a lover of games and also music, in which case you are free to download whenever you need to. It could even be saved with your desired clips and videos which could add more fun. A tablet PC can be complete with all the best apps.

So if you may no longer wait to feel the touch of the tablet PC, then purchase it now from a reputable on-line shop or you may also get it from your most respectable supplier in your territory.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Misconceptions about Web Hosting

The Internet has been growing so fast in recent years that it has been estimated that 90% of data in the world today was created in the past more than two years. Websites have proliferated and it has become surprising if a business does not have their own website. Personal websites and blogs have also become hugely popular. Requirements, therefore, for web hosting have risen exponentially in the past few years and there are many different companies offering all kinds of hosting plans and packages. For the uninitiated the world of web hosting can seem confusing and the number of offers and plans available can be overwhelming. It does not help that there are several misconceptions about web hosting adding to the confusion. Below are 5 key misconceptions about web hosting and setting up your own website.

1. Expertise knowledge about web hosting is a requirement

In the early days of the Internet this may have been the case, but the Internet today is a hugely user friendly place with many websites and web tools striving for ease of use and understanding. Many companies will offer one-step hosting management and setup. They will also use content management systems that are easy to use and require no expertise knowledge. You do not need any specialist know=how to set up hosting for your website. Larger and more complex websites may need more advanced knowledge but for the vast majority of personal websites and small businesses setting up web hosting can be very simple. You can manage content, change the layout, organize accounts and undertake day-to-day website management with no previous web hosting experience.

2. There is no point in learning anything about web hosting

Although beginners can easily set up web hosting for their website, it is important not to come to it with a closed mind. If you know nothing about web hosting it can be helpful to want to learn the basics and do some research. Simply acquiring a basic knowledge of web hosting and the terminology means that you can make a more informed decision when choosing a provider. A basic understanding of this subject means that you can better choose between the plans on offer because you can understand what is available to you. Refusing to learn about what web hosting actually does can result in problems later on.

3. Anything goes

It may seem like you can post whatever you like on the Internet but this is not actually the case. When you sign up to a provider you will have to sign and accept the terms of service which are rules about how you use the hosting. Many companies will not accept content that is illegal, inappropriate or adult and have the right to refuse hosting if you break the terms of service. Posting copyrighted material on your website may also result in take-down notices and web hosting may be revoked. Make sure to read your chosen provider's terms of service so you know what you are allowed to post. Each provider will have different standards and rules.

4. Websites are always on-line

You may get the impression that the Internet is always 'on' and that your website will always be accessible - this, however, is not always the case. It is very rare that a company will be able to provide 100% or even 99.9999% uptime for your website as human error, server problems and power failures can all occur - often without warning. Hosting providers will offer competitive levels of uptime but you should not be seduced by promises of 100% uptime and should be prepared for your website to go down occasionally. If you have a good provider, however, this time should only be minimal. Take the time to compare and contrast the levels of uptime offer by different companies. I suggest go to provider with best services although spent more money than compare with regular provider.

5. Free hosting is all you need

There are many companies that offer good free hosting with a variety of options. For the most part, however, free hosting is really only useful for very basic websites or people who are just starting out. If you want more advanced options, better quality, less ads and improved uptime - you will have to pay for it. Free hosting is also inappropriate for business websites but can be useful for basic personal websites and blogs. Successful websites with growing audiences will need the extra storage, bandwidth and availability that is offered with a paid plan. Investing a little money in your website is no bad thing and can help it to grow in the future.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

HoW To Deal With Malware

What ever OS you are using, at any where and any time, spyware and malware can still bring from your notebook. The main effort, however, is not to stress out over spyware and malware while you're on the street. Please read on for tips that will assists you troubleshoot any problems you may dealing with and keep your Laptop running while you are far from the office.


I think most of us have some anti-spyware or malware and also antivirus software installed on our business computers; some of us have more than one loaded. But these softwares aren't really going to be very helpful unless we update them frequently. Even the famous software such as Spybot Search & Destroy needs updating to do its job properly.
When a user got notification a problem, usually first reaction is to run the anti-spyware/malware and antivirus programs on his computer. And That's a brillian effort. Of course, it's important that you update and install the most current version of the software before you run the program. Those action can save you a bit of time and will help root out any new infections you may have picked up while browsing on the Web.
Despite you can arrange most enterprise-level antivirus softwares to update automatically, there are some softwares that need manual updates before you begin the lengthy scanning process. For example, one of the many malware or software on the internet, all you have to do is click the Update icon on the left side of the screen to download the newest malware definitions. When you have done download the latest definitions and detection rules, then  click the Search For Problems icon and follow any prompts to complete the update.


One of the best ways to prevent your computer from being loaded down with malware is to never let the stuff in the door. Windows includes a basic firewall (it's activated by default), but added protection helps. You will want to check that Windows Firewall is up and running on your computer. To access the firewall in Windows Vista/7, click the Windows icon, select Control Panel, and then select Windows Firewall; in WinXP, click Start, Control Panel, and Windows Firewall. If the firewall is set to Off, simply select the radio button or link for On and click OK.

Now comes the step of adding another layer of protection. Search online and you'll find several free firewalls available that do a good job of protecting your computer from unwanted intrusions. A number of these programs, once installed, will prompt you to determine which programs are authorized to access the Internet.
Then the programs will block the rest (or at least seek permission to allow a new program to access the Internet). Of course, the enterprise-level offerings include powerful firewalls, so if your company uses programs such those, make sure they're up and running before you leave for a business trip. You can also search the Web for the latest highly rated antivirus and personal firewall solutions, many of which have free versions available for download.


Automated spyware and antivirus tools are great, but they're no substitute for a little bit of vigilance on your part. Got an email from someone you don't know? Immediately trash it without opening it.
Even if your email program automatically opens your new messages in a reading pane, it's a good idea never to download an unexpected attachment.
Consider using an alternative email service provider (various Web-based options are available) that can give you an extra layer of protection by immediately scanning all incoming and outgoing attachments for virus threats.
Also, no matter what the pop-ups tell you, don't click anything that jumps unsolicited onto your screen claiming to be able to fix a virus or spy-ware problem.
These pop-ups are more often than not carriers of spy-ware and viruses in the guise of an actual message from your OS. A general rule of thumb is that if it opens in a browser window and you did not specifically point your browser toward it, don't click it. Action that we must do it, just close the window and go about your business.


So, if your system is armed to the teeth with regularly updated antivirus and anti-spyware utilities, but you're still having troubles? There are some simple fixes you can run in Windows to help you at least get around spyware problems. You can simply monitor and control the programs your computer is running at startup. To do this in WinXP, click Start, then Run, and then type msconfig into the window that appears. Click OK and then click the Startup tab. See anything with a blank entry? If something refuses to identify itself, it's a pretty good bet you don't need it to start up your machine.

De-select suspicious check boxes (you can also streamline your computer's startup routine here, if you wish, by deselected softwares that automatically load that you rarely use). Click OK and restart when prompted. In Windows 7, open the Windows Defender program. Choose Tools and Software Explorer and then click Startup Programs from the Category menu.
Your startup programs will display in the left pane. Simply click a program to highlight it and then click the Disable button. Alternatively, you can permanently terminate a program by clicking the Remove button. It's also a good idea to set a restore point when you know your computer is working well.

That way, you could always bring back your Windows to a time when it was functioning right properly.  To create a restore point on windows, click Start button, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and System Restore. Click Create A Restore Point, and then follow the wizard that appears. To restore your machine, click Restore My Computer To An Earlier Time.
I Hope this article will help to know much more about how dangerous of spyware and malware. Thank you for read my article. See you on my next article.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Windows 7 Support End

Hello there, today i want to discuss about news of Microsoft Windows 7 will not support on January 14, 2020. Actually I don't like Microsoft decided to do that, because there are so many Windows use using Windows 7 as their Operating System. In my office i am using windows 7 as Operating system and i think windows 7 is still good on performance. I am really surprise about this, Microsoft always make decision unpredictable especially related with Operating System. This can be big question "Why Microsoft always support Operating System on short period?". I am not like this, I hate it. This become one of weakness of Microsoft. I Have been read on the internet So many people that using windows 7 Operating System not agree with that decision. below is several thing you must know if insist using windows 7

What effect if Using Windows 7 as operating system on computer or laptop

  1. your computer will become more vulnerable to security risks.
  2. Windows 7 will keep running, and definitely you could not update security and also new features of windows.

Could Windows 7 still active after ending support for windows 7

  1. From the official website, it declare that windows is still active.
  2. Windows still could installed on your computer.

What about Internet Explorer

As the end of Microsoft support on Windows 7 seven, there are several effect on windows application that bring with it. One of them is an Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is browser application belong to Microsoft Windows, Includes for windows 7. Of course there will be no longer update for that application. This mean is very bad thing if there are no update support for it. But don't worry about that, today application which similar with Internet Explorer is supported on the Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or etc.

As the end of Windows 7 update, there are several problems for company that using windows 7. For an IT team it will be hard effort to do something upgrade from windows 7. There will be a training to people at the office. People that work behind desk usually using windows 7, must learn of new windows operating system that replace Windows 7.

Problems of replace Windows 7 to Higher version:

1. Usually there are more money to spent

Every time windows get a new upgrade there a lot of money that we must pay for it. This bring bad news for people or company which have minimum income.

2. Automatically there will spent a lot of time to learn about New Windows

As long with changing or upgrade, of course there are plenty of time to learn with new windows. There is significant change from Old Window to new One. And of course this need a knowledge to know more closely from New Windows Operating System.

3. For An IT there are hard effort to migrate on new Windows

Upgrading Microsoft Windows Operating System, has directly effect on IT team. There will be hard effort to change Microsoft Windows 7 to New Windows. They must installed an upgrade to each computers especially on the company.

4. Little trust for people that usually using Windows 7 before.  

And for the lasting of Problem with new windows is people still don't trust with New Windows Operating System. That is make sense because after Microsoft Windows new launch not for long there will be an update will show and it must be installed to new windows. This step must be applied because to cover bugs. 

OK That's all for today see you on my next article.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Robot is An Artificial Intelegence Product

Mankind is considered as the intelligent species on earth. God has very minutely created human beings. All human have made then sophisticated and also very creative. Each human being is special and creative in his or her own way.
On earth various types of discoveries have been made, each and every discovery has been a gift from mankind. We all lead a luxurious life due the help of these discoveries only.
All the inventions that have been made have some way or the other affected the lives of humans who have been associated with the invention. The invention that has taken place in the 21st century has made us live a good life with less work and more results.
But still we complain that we do not have enough time for our friends, family and relatives. The scarcity of time has become a common slogan for every working person. It is really nice when you go back home and there is someone to follow your instructions and perform your work. There is good news for mainly working women, who stay mostly out of the house. When they come back how nice it would be that they get someone else to perform the daily work at their home. They are known as robots.

What are robots?

Robots are defined as a mechanical or virtual artificial agent usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. This is the dictionary term of robots. In simple terms robots can be said as the best way to lessen the work of human beings and lead a super relaxed life. It is an automated machine that performs all kinds of work that they are ordered to do.

How are robots work?

The robots basically are mainly guided by man. The whole programming of a robot is done manually. It is not easy to get an address where you will get robots. Robots are not available easily and it is not possible to find any shop that sells robots. They are very complicated machineries and thus are made under the strong supervision of some eminent scientists. But you will get all types of robotic instruments and parts from one company.
The company is termed as Swarm Robotics. Robots have to be created with mechanical instruments that are supplied from this company and the whole thing is termed as Swarm robotics applications.

The company provides the best equipments that make up a robot and it performs all your work easily as well as properly. It is really a great invention that makes the work of any human being very easy. Swarm robotics that the company supplies are really very good and up to the mark. It is absolutely true that they perform the work very fast and really easy.
The instruments and the tools that the company provides are in short termed as Robo name itself says the whole thing. It will lessen your work and perform all the tasks that you have ordered it to do.

What Robots are Use?

It is a real help to those working women who have to look after the work and home at the same way. They will receive a great help from it.
Robots are used in many fields and some of them are:
Vehicle and car factories, Precision reducing, oxygen cutting, laser, mounting circuits on electronic devices (i.e. mobile phones) Working where there might be danger (i.e. nuclear leaks, bomb disposal), Surgeons are performing robotic-assisted surgeries that, among other things, can equalize little move to and fro and movements of a surgeon's hands when doing delicate procedures, such as microscopically aided surgery or brain surgery, To assist police and SWAT teams in dangerous situations, such as with hostages or in capture outs and stand offs. Space the home the robots are very useful for entertainment.

What Are Robots Effect?

They will make all the people lazy and they probably will invade mankind. Robots are increasingly being used in place of human workers. Although this can generate higher profits for the manufacturer, the increased unemployment this creates is likely to have a negative effect on the economy as a whole. In science wonders the robots plays the key role.

What Are Robots In the future?

The robotic future is here, and it looks nothing like we thought it would. Instead of humanoid, highly intelligent robots that do our bidding, the future is increasingly one of robotic swarms, robotic quad rotors, and tiny robots no larger than insects that perform surgery. The robotics revolution, in short, is fast, cheap and out of control. Just as the computer revolution started with massive mainframes and evolved to the personal computer and handheld tablets, the robotics revolution is taking the same path it is evolving from large, expensive industrial robots to vaguely humanoid robots to cheap, small robots that follow you everywhere, thanks to built-in swarm intelligence. The robots of the future will be fast, and they will be cheap. And they will be out of management.


Depends on the usage the Robots it will useful to the human being. So using the technology in the appropriate way is very good instead of using in a misuse way.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

IT Certifications Terminology and Duty

Today's job market is competitive, but as the economy recovers, quality jobs are becoming available and it is more important than ever to do what you can to get noticed. Many candidates have the same qualifications such as degrees and internships providing some experience.
According to CompTIA's website, there are 400,000 IT jobs available in the United States, and 86 percent of hiring managers say IT certifications are a priority. If you're just starting out, either graduating from college, or changing careers, determining which IT certifications to pursue can be a daunting task.
Here are a few of the entry-level positions in IT, and descriptions of the certifications that will put your resume on the top of the hiring manager's list.

Computer Technician or PC Maintenance Technician:

The most relevant certifications needed for this position are the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ certifications. The A+ certification will give you a basic understanding of installation, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs for most PC hardware used today.
The N+ provides the assurance that you understand how to configure, manage, maintain, troubleshoot and operate basic network infrastructure. Microsoft's new MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure is a great next step in continuing this career path. It will provide validation that your skills in remote desktop services, desktop virtualization and application virtualization allow you to manage and deploy devices from anywhere, while also maintaining compliance and security best practices.

Project Manager:

The key certification for the starting project manager is the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This globally recognized certification will demonstrate that you have a strong understanding of project management, including planning, budgeting, time management and cost reduction skills.
While there are other certifications, such as Six Sigma, which may be required by some employers, the PMP certification is one of the most accessible for the novice, while still well respected by professional organizations throughout the world.

Software Developer:

A software development career can take many directions depending upon the language preference and knowledge of the developer. Many colleges and universities do not offer opportunities to work in many technologies in demand today. A developer certification will provide proof of your expertise.
For those who work with Microsoft development technologies, the MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) certification is a great way to substantiate your ability to produce and maintain software solutions using the latest Visual Studio and Net Frameworks to fulfill business needs.
Java Developers can demonstrate their proficiency with an OCJP (Oracle Certified Java Programmer) or SCJP (Sun Certified Java Developer) certification. Add the BCIP (Brainbench Certified Internet Professional) certification to show your expertise in web development.

IT certifications can have numerous benefits, such as enhancing your resume, commanding higher salaries, and can even assist in job retention.

As your career develops, there are many additional certifications that will allow you to grow and expand your career options. As you embark on the path towards a career in IT, gaining additional certifications are a great way to continue to invest in yourself and your future.

That all for today, keep following on my website to get update information. Thank you

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

9 Tips for Writing Blog Posts Faster and General Contain

There are so many people question that I get from internet, particulallary related with Unique Article and Writing blog post with fast. One of that question about "Do you want to write more blog posts but are short on time?". On this article you will found several way to solve the problems.

This is step to write blog post with more faster and get unique content

1. Write regularly.

One of the best ways to improve in anything is to do it regularly. Writing is certainly no exception. With frequently you do it, the better you'll get and the faster you'll get at it.

2. Leave about perfectionism.

While there are times when it makes a lot of sense to slave over a post and spend hours and hours on it, if you do that all the time, you'll seldom publish anything and eventually give up.
Don't make yourself crazy by editing yourself mercilessly. otherwise, do some effort on creating quality content in short periods of time.

3. Increase Blogging as Routine work.

There is a things about routines of any type that remove much of the thinking that has to happen when you do something. If you usually begin your blogging time with a specific routine, you'll get your mind into blogging mode each time you start that routine.
It is as if routines push your brain into several action, and help you spend less time trying to get into the blogging groove.

4. Try to use Blog or Wordpress Template.

Blogging templates don't have to be anything fancy. They can be as simple as article outlines that you use for each blog post you write. For instance, you may have a format for the title, an introduction, a paragraph for 3-5 main points, and a conclusion.Try using blog template with responsive.Why I say that, because if you don't use it your website visibility will show perfectly especially on Smartphone screen.

5. Use a timer as Triger.

I find that playing a game of "beat the clock" can help me write blog articles faster. For instance, if I determine that I only have 30 minutes to write a blog post, I tend to focus harder and write faster.
I may need to go back later and edit the blog post a bit, but the hard work of the first draft can be done in a short amount of time that I allot, such as 30 minutes. I find that if I allot more time, I take more time.
This may be true of you also, and if that is the case, try gradually reducing the amount of time you allot until you find you can't go any lower and still write a decent blog post.

6. Keep a steady stash of blog post ideas on hand.

A lot of time can be wasted if you start off your blogging time without a clue what you're going to write about. That can't be helped sometimes, but if you have a list of blog titles all ready to go, you can hit the ground running rather than start off by staring at a blank Word document.

7. Communicate With other Blogger from Social Media

There are some action that make our Blog become more attractive and get attention from others Bloger, which it can make improve us to always update article with so fast and also genuine. One of that action is by using social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and etc to interact our Blog or website to other Bloger. With increasing of blogger interact to our bloger through comment, It will help me to get more fast create blogpost and typing fast.

8. Improve of Your typing speed.

I'm a fast typist, and that is one of the primary ways I can write blog posts fast. While not everyone has the capacity to be a super-fast typist, most everyone has the capacity to type faster than they do right now.
This may happen naturally if you simply make a commitment to write every day, or you can invest in a typing program to increase your typing speed. Any time you invest now will pay off in the form of being able to write blog posts a lot faster down the road, so a commitment to increasing your typing speed will pay off in the long run.

9. Try using software

If you don't want to waste you energy to get an idea, just try using software that will help you suggest several idea to create Blog post and also contain. Usually with software you will suggest idea and content support too. So, this can be more help you more fast to posting your article on website or Blog. Several software that people use such as Articleforge, Article Generator, Articoolo

Thats all for now, see you on my next article.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


I have been surfing on the internet and I have found interesting topic that related "CONVERT PDF TO JPG" or "CONVERT PDF TO IMG. So many searching about this and so many related article with that to topic. I have been looking at from google search and the answer will show software that could convert PDF in to JPG or IMG. But to me, this is not solution, because almost of that software which suggest from google is just have function to convert without any modification that we want.
Usually most of all that software have same process, Just upload or drag PDF file on that tool. And then next move is just click button to convert process. Just that all, But there is question appear how to add some picture or item on that PDF file before we convert? and then the result will show IMG with modification that has been applied. I don't know exactly how answer that question. Then not accidentally I just try open with PDF using GIMP, and suddenly is open with perfect but there is import notification show.
With this software you can modify PDF file with so easy. This is free software which complete item on it. Not only for image editor, this software able to edit PDF files and also modify it.


  1. Open GIMP from Linux or Windows. If you don't have this tool just installed it. This software have free license or it means you can easily installed and used with out any cost. You can download from here.
  2. Then after GIMP is opened, next move is try to get PDF file from your computer that you want to convert to image.
  3. Click File on the menu bar, then choose open
  4. Try to search PDF file that you want to convert.
  5. After you found the file that you want to convert, then click open button.
  6. Then import notification will show, just click import button and the file will show on GIMP. PDF will show on GIMP editor template.
  7. On the GIMP you can modify PDF file that you want to convert. On this picture below, original of PDF files just contain text and text box and then I have been modified with add black square.
  8. After we done with PDF file that have been modified or not modified, next step is click file menu bar than choose export.
  9. When we done with export next move is choose files type. On GIMP there are so many files type when you export it, including JPG files. And so many another image files type that support from this software.
  10. Next, after we have choose files type then name that files which you have modified and place to folder that you want. Notification Export image will show, just press export And your convert PDF to JPG or IMAGE is completed.
  11. And now try to opened that JPG files that result from convert PDF to JPG. And you will see that your PDF files has totally change into JPG files. Just for note, I have been using GIMP as my software for more than 3 years to image editor tools.
That all for now, see you on my next article.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Hello Everyone who read this article. Today i will share you about how to add or install alexa widget or toolbar on our browser. I think for several know about this. But in this article I want to share to all blogger user to know about this. And there are view question about Alexa? Alexa is website measurement that containt many item including our website ranking. I am have been Alexa for more than one year. With it, I can improve performance of my website by writing article more frequently and share my article on social media or emai. Combination between alexa toolbar, ability to write article or share article of your blog post will increase your website rank. Ok, that's enough share my story using alexa and now let's try to install Alexa toolbar on our browser.


  1. Open your Opera browser then try to search on google "Alexa Toolbar".
  2. After Alexa Toolbar found, than click of Alexa Toolbar link and you will be directed to https://www.alexa.com/toolbar
  3. After you directed to Alexa Toolbar page, then next move is just click on the blue button Install Alexa Browser Extention
  4. And then you will be directed to Chrome Website Store. and then Press Add to Opera Green Button. You will see notification about "installing Chrome Extension". Then click Install Extension on the top left of of your screen.
  5. Then you will see notification with Ok button. Press OK button
  6. Install from the opera browser Extension, such as picture below.

  7. Then it will show notification "Do you confirm the installation" then click Yes, Install
  8. After Alexa Toolbar installation process completed then it will show alexa icon on top left position 
  9. When you tried alexa toolbar, it will not work until you press accept and enable button.


  1. Open your Chrome browser then try to search on google "Alexa Toolbar".
  2. After Alexa Toolbar found, than click of Alexa Toolbar link and you will be directed to https://www.alexa.com/toolbar
  3. After you directed to Alexa Toolbar page, then next move is just click on the blue button Install Alexa Browser Extention
  4. And then you will be directed to Chrome Website Store. And then press blue button Add to Chrome, then dialog box will show. Click Add Extension, Wait for checking and installing process.

  5. After Button Add to Chrome, then it will show Notification Add "Alexa Traffic Rank" and then click add extention button

  6. After Installing process complete, now you will see that Alexa Toolbar Icon will show on the top right position.
  7. Just like on Opera before you can use Alexa Toolbar, you must press press accept and enable button


  1. Open your mozilla firefox browser then try to search on google "Alexa Toolbar".
  2. After Alexa Toolbar found, than click of Alexa Toolbar link and you will be directed to https://www.alexa.com/toolbar
  3. After you directed to Alexa Toolbar page, then next move is just click on the blue button Install Alexa Browser Extention
  4. And then you will be directed to Alexa Policy. And then press blue button Accept and Install, then dialog box will show. Just click Allow, Wait for checking and installing process. And than click add button as final step of installation 
  5. After Installing process complete, now you will see that Alexa Toolbar Icon will show on the top right position. 
  6. Just not like Chrome and Opera, Alexa Toolbar directly can be use On Mozilla Firefox.
 Thats all for today see you on my next article