Sunday, January 27, 2019

Windows 7 Support End

Hello there, today i want to discuss about news of Microsoft Windows 7 will not support on January 14, 2020. Actually I don't like Microsoft decided to do that, because there are so many Windows use using Windows 7 as their Operating System. In my office i am using windows 7 as Operating system and i think windows 7 is still good on performance. I am really surprise about this, Microsoft always make decision unpredictable especially related with Operating System. This can be big question "Why Microsoft always support Operating System on short period?". I am not like this, I hate it. This become one of weakness of Microsoft. I Have been read on the internet So many people that using windows 7 Operating System not agree with that decision. below is several thing you must know if insist using windows 7

What effect if Using Windows 7 as operating system on computer or laptop

  1. your computer will become more vulnerable to security risks.
  2. Windows 7 will keep running, and definitely you could not update security and also new features of windows.

Could Windows 7 still active after ending support for windows 7

  1. From the official website, it declare that windows is still active.
  2. Windows still could installed on your computer.

What about Internet Explorer

As the end of Microsoft support on Windows 7 seven, there are several effect on windows application that bring with it. One of them is an Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is browser application belong to Microsoft Windows, Includes for windows 7. Of course there will be no longer update for that application. This mean is very bad thing if there are no update support for it. But don't worry about that, today application which similar with Internet Explorer is supported on the Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or etc.

As the end of Windows 7 update, there are several problems for company that using windows 7. For an IT team it will be hard effort to do something upgrade from windows 7. There will be a training to people at the office. People that work behind desk usually using windows 7, must learn of new windows operating system that replace Windows 7.

Problems of replace Windows 7 to Higher version:

1. Usually there are more money to spent

Every time windows get a new upgrade there a lot of money that we must pay for it. This bring bad news for people or company which have minimum income.

2. Automatically there will spent a lot of time to learn about New Windows

As long with changing or upgrade, of course there are plenty of time to learn with new windows. There is significant change from Old Window to new One. And of course this need a knowledge to know more closely from New Windows Operating System.

3. For An IT there are hard effort to migrate on new Windows

Upgrading Microsoft Windows Operating System, has directly effect on IT team. There will be hard effort to change Microsoft Windows 7 to New Windows. They must installed an upgrade to each computers especially on the company.

4. Little trust for people that usually using Windows 7 before.  

And for the lasting of Problem with new windows is people still don't trust with New Windows Operating System. That is make sense because after Microsoft Windows new launch not for long there will be an update will show and it must be installed to new windows. This step must be applied because to cover bugs. 

OK That's all for today see you on my next article.

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