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Saturday, April 27, 2019

SEO Website Design Tips 2019

One of the good challenges of recent web site style is equalization of Search Engine optimization
 (SEO) with graphic style. SEO web site style presents each chance and problem. Obviously, each web site desires to rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
As well as effort on SEO, each webmaster desires their site that appears nice and offers a great user expertise. Transfer SEO and SERP optimization into line with a high quality interface is that the grail of website style.


One of the best ways to create a well-designed web site compatible with higher SEO is to constrain the web site style. With fewer components in an exceedingly less complicated layout, it becomes easier to focus an internet site style on the items that matter for SEO.
DIV and H1 components create a website a lot of accessible for the bots that search engines use to index your website. If your web site is in a position to play nice with Googlebot, the percentages improve that your web site can deliver higher SERPs in Google.

Visually, this leads to a less complicated, less untidy style. This additionally has the additional benefit of constructing your web site easier for users to scan and comprehend. try and visualize a number of the foremost productive websites out there. think about what Google's homepage feels like. Or think about however straightforward it's to scan down a Twitter feed. this can be the sort of tight style a decent web site ought to draw a bead on to realize. A web site ought to be complicated enough to serve its purpose, however distributed enough to not confuse its purpose.


There is an inclination to assume that better-looking graphics and smart SEO cannot co-exist. variety of internet sites still dump their most ornate graphics into JPGs that do nothing for SEO. This causes tons of damage, particularly once sites use JPGs within the headers of a page.
Google likes signals that seem close to the highest of a page. To waste that chance on flamboyant graphics work may be a poor selection.

But, that does not mean you've got to wipe all the create-up off your website's face and make it walk plain get into the sunshine of day. With the arrival of
web fonts, it's doable to implant beautiful graphics into SEO-friendly components, just like the H1 tag. there is not any got to compromise. place the H1 tag into the page. Then vogue it mistreatment web-fonts. You get to stay your beautiful graphics-intensive style. And currently you get all the SEO advantages of well-purposed headers. it is a win-win.


With the arrival of JavaScript-driven web site style, it's doable to create snappy interfaces that SEO well. you'll currently implant hidden text in expandable components that permit you to gift the content for thought by the search bots while not beating users over the pinnacle with pages of text. The search larva can see the content within the hidden DIV. The user then does not see the content unless he clicks on one thing to bring it onto the screen.


It is doable to bring SEO and better-looking internet style into line. With the correct combination of DIV and H1 tags, a small amount of JavaScript and many web fonts, SEO and style will reach a state of harmony. ensuing time the designers and also the SEOs argue, remember: there's no reason to compromise.

For Another Reference, you can read about this book below. I think it will help you to get simple Strategy on SEO and get on first rank on Google Search Engine. For Beginner you should buy of this book (is recommended for Beginner)

Thursday, April 25, 2019


What is open source office?

From the smallest to the biggest business office there will be a need for kind of software to be used. Right now there are applications to cater for each and every one need you might have in your business.
The problem most individuals have is the number of choices they have in choosing home office software. The most important problem most people have when choosing things is making choices:

which software will be best for your needs?
What is the best free office suite?
Which office suite is best?
Is Opensource Office compatible with Microsoft Word?

Everything is determined by the specific jobs you need to accomplished, your budget and of course the sort of computer you actually have. In the event you ask most people shopping what exactly they want they’ll say “the best I can afford”. If you inquire further way they really need then you will probably get an answer similar to “well software that will the job but won’t cost the earth”.
Looking for something and needing something are two very different things. Once you help people get the dilemma of their spending it could help them choose more wisely.
To begin with you’re probably heading to need is an office suite of software. This can be the foundation level program that will support most offices ticking over. An Ideal office suite will include A word creator or Word Processor, spreadsheet, databases and generally some kind of presentation program.
Microsoft company Office is the office suite of choice right now but you’re heading to have to side over the lot of money to get the standard or Pro versions with this package; you’re going to be spending couple of us dollars. That’s a lot of cash for someone just starting out in business. Microsoft Office Pro is ideal items – it has MS Excel, MS Word, Gain access to, MS Outlook, MS Publisher, MS Note, MS Frontpage (Old version) and also MS PowerPoint. The high cost may seem to be high but really actually pretty good value for money – if you can afford it.
Your following choice is the Microsoft Works suite which gives you the same basic features of Microsoft company Office but with a smaller price tag. Gets results is aimed more at the home office market than Office is for example but it’s not as powerful as the true Microsoft Office Package.
If budget is really, really to be an issue then you’re in luck people. Opensource Office is an office that have license Free to use. What is Opensource? Opensource meaning of Software that could to develop and use for people with free cost. 100% free and it includes the vast majority of features that most MS office users will need. On WPS Office you’ll find Article Creator or known as word-processor, Data Calculation known as spreadsheet, But for Sketch and Impress (it’s like MS PowerPoint) that not bring on it. Therefore you have all the components of a typical office software package so that you can use.
Opensource Office is not quite to the same standard as Microsoft company Office but it’s being updated on an almost daily basis with new improvements and fixes from the bugs. That and the very, surprisingly low cost of $0 is something that is appealing to more users to this great package every day.
So make absolutely certain that the needs you have and wants clearly suite with your income prior to going shopping. You could wind flow up array dollars not as good otherwise.

Below are several Famous Opensource office that you can use:

1. OpenOffice

Opensource Office programs that have license free to use. It have several Item just like MS. Office such as:
Writer – is a word processor tool, you can use that tools to write something important for reader such as book, blog article or etc.
Calc – is a powerful spreadsheet tool, This tool have function to calculate, analyze data, or event create graphic.
Impress – is a great tool to create several educational presentation or event create presentation project using multimedia.
Draw – is an awesome tool which you can use to create or draw object that may be suite for project logo desain, Symbol or event Raw picture of animation.
Base – tools that related with database manipulation, you can use this tool to create, insert, Update, Delete database using query.
and the last one is called Math, This tool is rare to use. this tool to use for create formula and edit formula on Writer,Calc, Impress and Draw

2. LibreOffice

Writer – word processor, It have same function with OpenOffice Writer.
Calc – spreadsheet, This tool have same function with OpenOffice Calc.
Impress – presentations, This tool have same function with OpenOffice Impress. It could create presentation.
Draw – diagrams, Just like OpenOffice Draw, You can create picture with this tools (creating logo, Animation raw).
Base – database, Is not different from OpenOffice Base, It have function CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on Database.
Math – formula, It have similar function with OpenOffice Math.

3. WPS Office

From what i see and through my experience. I have seen that this program is really similar with MS. Office if we compare with others Opensource Office. This Program is not just like others opensource, if you use free there are just three items that you can use with it (Only Support Writer, Spreadsheet, And also Presentation):
Writer,word processor, It have same function with others Office. This tool which have similar with MS. Office, So you don’t have to learn much more about the feature
Spreadsheet, You can create calculate data and creating Analytical data with easily with more awesome feature compare with MS. Office.
Presentation, We could build some presentation using presentation template default with confidence because the item on it similar with MS. Office PowerPoint.

And as an information for you that WPS Office not actually Free, because not all feature of this WPS show all. There are some others Features which available to download separately with WPS Office from the official website such as WPS PDF to Word, WPS Data Recovery Master.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

How to Boost Alexa Rank

I have read some thread that contain question about how to increase traffic on website especially for Alexa. Below Are several types of that question:

How can I increase my website on Alexa rank?
Are there any methods or some tutorials tips which could speed up my Alexa points?
What effect or benefit with Alexa rank?
What is Alexa Ranking in SEO?
How Reliable is Alexa Ranking?
Does Alexa Rank affect Google?

This is become a great deal of site owners and new bloggers, because it's challenging to get a traffic where you can get lower Alexa Rank.
Not anything is much more frustrating that creating great content available in order to discover which is not serving an objective because nobody is reading it.
perceptive the way to SEO a website and the best way to write an ideal articles are answer to get traffic that may ultimately enable you to increase your Alexa Rank and definitely will enable you to get plenty of earning from ads that you can put on your website.
previously we gibe deeper into the way to improve your Alexa, let us begin learn from basics.

Definition about Alexa and also Alexa Rank?

There are question What Does Alexa Ranking Mean? Basically Alexa (belongs to Amazon and also Jeff Bezos) is a company which have focus on serving traffic data basic websites, and it is famous recognized for its website rank data in detail, referred to as the Alexa Rank.
The Global Alexa Rank shows how famous your website is all over the world as well as the Local Alexa Rank shows famous in the nation how the domain continues to be registered in.

Where are you able to get the Alexa Rank?

Here you will discover the Alexa Rank of your personal site. As more information, in case you are at all like me and appearance your Alexa Rank constantly, you'll be able to install the Alexa Traffic pluggin on browser or another pluggin that suite with alexa rank (that will provide you with other useful SEO information), so it is possible to quickly begin to see the rank associated with a page you might be-visiting.

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Why we Concern About Alexa? Why we should care About That?

The Alexa Rank can be a best main tool for marketers because it indicates the ads potential of a web site. more you get tiny Alexa ranking score, more higher traffic that this site gets and so more easy people who ads can be served to.
Website with lower Alexa Rank are usually viewed as more significant compare with domains with higher Alexa Rank. Because lower or little score on alexa indicates that visitor always visit on the website.
With the lowest Alexa Score can boost the CPC that you will get using your Ad network or perhaps assist you to land nice native advertisers on your own site. And I have Experienced when I got little score on my website that ads is frequently show to visitor compare when I am not got score on alexa.
Therefore, decreasing the Alexa Rank of the website could prove very therapeutic for your small company.

Alexa Rank Calculated

What Element that effect on a new Alexa Rankings?
Based on the Alexa Blog with subtitle "A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank" for part of the the word from the first paragraph on line 7 it say:
I have my personal experiments and also discovered that you will find various other item's (ranked to be able worth focusing on that be the cause inside the Alexa Rank algorithm). This may be include:
  • Website Traffic from individuals who use the Alexa Toolbar.
  • Amount of page views that read by visitor.
  • Daily Time on allocated to site per visitor.
  • Bounce Rate and CTR (Click-through-rate). Is recommend learn the way to improve your CTR.
  • How Quality and Diversity from the views is also connected.
  • Several in-bounds links to our site (often known as back-links).
  • Social Media share, likes, comments count.
  • Loading Speed of your website page(which results in visitors not leaving your website so fast)

Is any Alexa Rankings has affect website traffic or Search Engine Optimation(SEO)?

Basically There are no direct connection between Alexa Rank and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
But After all, more lower Alexa Rank could affect high numbers of traffic that could be associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blog articles around the first page of Google.
If you have websites who have their Alexa Rank less than 10k, are most likely going for a good benefit of visitors through the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).
Discover the way to dramatically boost your SEO within my comprehensive short article about SEO.
Getting back-links from high authority website will boost the domain authority  of the website and  enable it to rank higher to your keyword phrases. This will  assist you to increase website traffic which often will  boost your Alexa Rank.

How many views do I need to be less than 100K of websites for the Alexa Rank?

When you see report om Google Analytics and Alexa Analytics there are different numbers estimation. There are some recommendation that blogger actually should write amazing content of 2500+ words. If you would like to do SEO yourself, just read several step below.
Write content that related with SEO
If you need to attract webmasters (i.e. people that may almost certainly contain the Alexa Toolbar installed) then you definitely should write content that they will in all probability read like SEO, online marketing, and etc. If you might be writing for moms, discuss about newborns, trolleys, baby formulas, etc.
Did you realize about Google RankBrain (a part of Google core algorithm which uses machine learning) may be the 3rd most significant SEO factor in terms of rankings?
More crucially to do some action is using share method. Make sure you have share that content everywhere (on Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest) and obtain unique page views. You could also try working with Google Adwords to obtain a lot more traffic.
Reach high-quality backlinks and action by doing guest posts on other websites to boost your domain authority.
By boosting your domain authority you will find a less difficult time ranking your site content, that may drive your visitor to visit your website more than usually and definitely will supercharge your Alexa Rank.
Regularly try to refresh your old articles (that may have decrease in traffic) and in addition stay up-to-date with all the latest SEO changes.
Get closed on important media and drive more visitors your web site.
Why Excellent content articles are critical for giving you better Alexa Rank along with your website in general
Every time you are writing an incredible little bit of content, you need to possibility to rank that short article at the top of Google and therefore drive additional website visitors to your web site.
Another The most significant things on boost alexa rank, if you are writing an excellent post, additionally you are able to turn cold traffic into fans, customers and supporters. These people can keep coming back to your web site without you being forced to request or remind them to visit your latest post.
And by the way, if you love this article, do not forget keep or save this site on your browser or you can remark it by bookmarked. You also can get through check this page and browse all of my articles that has been I wrote on this website.

How are you able to write unique content?

Unique content begins with solid market and niche research. If what you're posting is just not something  everyone is looking for , then it will not enable you to boost your traffic. I Have experience with article that I have been post on this website which people rare to search and then the effect is my article is show on google page. I recommended you to write unique content that always people search.
unique content contains the following characteristics below:
  • The website article should have answer of visitor questions or problem solving.
  • Make sure it write more than 2000 words (for the next post I will try to write more than 2000 words.
  • Make sure contains  whatever you might actually would like to know with that topic.
  • It  is not hard to learn and it's also actionable, backed by information or exp
  • Your website should be compatible with UX and UI

Fast Trick to Boost Alexa Rank

Below is another way and the simple measures in order to reduce that Alexa Rank:
Install the add-on Alexa Toolbar on multiple browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc).
Download your preferred VPN (I like Windscribe because is easy to use) and connect into it.
Go to Page Reboot on every browser, place your website as well as set the refresh time every one minute (or longer in the event you are patient). you could more comfort to read another post of my website articles, and loose time waiting for about 15-20 min. You can transform the nation in Windscribe now. Recommended in case you have a lot of money by get your Alexa page certified by purchasing considered one of their plans.
For ideal results, make this happen at different times in the day and in addition improve your IP Address every 10 possibly even minutes.
Your Alexa Rank should update each day when you have a rank < 100,000 or per week otherwise, so be prepared to begin to see the results with the increase in about fourteen days possibly even.

Another  black-hat methods to boost the Alexa Rank of your respective  website below:

  • If you don't have plenty of time? Try to buy Fake Rank by hiring someone on Fiverr.
  • Use an Alexa boosting service like RankBoostUp.
  • If you want to get Traffic with fast, Buy a highly trafficked domain and redirect it to your website such as https://growtraffic.com

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What are Website which has Top 10 of Alexa Rank?

Based from the Alexa official website, there are several website that Top 10 rank on alexa, below are that website lists:
  1. google.com
  2. youtube.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Baidu.com
  5. Wikipedia.com
  6. Qq.com
  7. Tmall.com
  8. Taobao.com
  9. Yahoo.com
  10. Amazon.com

So, what can be a good Alexa Rank number?

That is really main subjective question that almost blogger wanted the get the best answer.
I have already know that several blogger that join on group that might end to get a global rank under 100k. For the others that numbers continues to be excessive. If you just regular blogger with any effort to promote your website it is impossible to Boost Alexa Rank.
If your website reach 100k could be a best metric for bloggers whose prime job is just not blogging, exclusively since less than 100k the metrics show by Alexa acquire more and more accurate.
At the same time, I recommended that rather than just taking a look at in isolation, you compare that number along with other blogs that suits you understanding that will be in your business.
And finally, the number will not become your problems as long as the important goal is completed. Just remember with have litte number rank on alexa many ads that can be show and applied to your website.

The Advantages of experiencing of less Alexa Rank

Assuming your Alexa rank is legit and has been tampered, you can find some good advantages it is possible to expect from a lesser number:
  • Blogger could develop own business.  A lot of bloggers will get in touch with guest write on your own blog or website and also visitor might trust you more.
  • Blogger website is going to be referenced and copied more (i.e. backlinks). and also there is bot playing around copying content from multiple website that could boost alexa traffic. Most from the times you are going to garner new links using this method. When these copied blog normally have lower Domain Authority, your web site would not be affected by replicate of the content forfeiture.
  • all blogger can easily see other interesting metrics around the Alexa rank page such as Visitor country, keyword, Search visit and etc.

  • Or if you want to go more spesific data of your page rank, you could use Google Analytic

Final Note for Boost Alexa Rank

As conclusion to boost alexa Rank, you can find two methods to increase your Alexa Rank: most likely through content that SEO  for top or through scripts and fake traffic with all the Alexa Toolbar installed ( or perhaps an Alexa booster service).
If you want to know about method that I use, I am using with legal methods or reguler way (using social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Also Twitter and etc).
So I like metrics calculation from regular methods and basically i got my traffic originates from search and also social media.
Basically I have experiment about that and strongly I am not recommend to use any type of illegal or blackhat methods to improve your position because inside the long process those will damage your small business. The righ way would be to simply create great, awesome content and grow an enterprise from it.
If you want to boost your Website to lower rank on Alexa? You must comment on this page as well as backlink will also can increase Traffic and SEO. And try to share to all blogger that you want more and more traffic and boost Alexa Rank.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

YouTube Marketing Tips for Your Virtual Business

YouTube is not only a relevant video platform, additionally it is social media network. Because of the simple to operate YouTube's format,
messages can efficiently spread across a many mediums for example Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can quickly and easily add a youtube video in your website, your FB account, your Pinterest account, Instagram account and etc., and there is no requirement for an exclusive viewer to view.

More than 500 tweets for each minute include a hyperlink to a youtube
video, as well as th YouTube's search bar will be the second most
typical search bar on the Internet, second and then Google. In one month 3 billion hours are collectively used on YouTube, in order to see like a social media tool, it's got the possibility to become a powerful tool.

Modify Your Channel


YouTube permits you to modify your channel and also with your
branding, looked after allows you to highlight the information you need
to focus around. You can  decide which video will display first and how
your content will probably be displayed. When you signup, you might
be directly given a channel. You can modify your
channel and give a content information. When
you signing in, you need to get a menu and you will modify your channel here.

Source of Content


You are able to use YouTube to administer content coming from all your
channels without ever uploading a genuine regular video. You can do
keyword searches to locate by duration, category, features, upload date, plus much more. To get started go with a few videos you would like to add in your channel. You could build a playlist or favorite list, then
make use of your playlist settings to set up the videos.

Create Unique Content


You do not need to have a very dedicated media team to produce good
content. All you need is an electronic digital camera, or possibly a
cellular phone with video capabilities, to make a basic video. Create
the best way to videos, interview important people, create methods for
products, etc. to boost targeted visitors. and another thing to create a video try using best video creator and usually is paid if you want to get it.  For people thet may be don't have a lot of money try to use with free software such as openshot that you could read description on this link  

Using Search Engine

The search engines such as yahoo, bing, Ask and also goole will help you pickup videos; however, they may not be capable to determine content. To ensure surfers can discover your
channel you have to properly tag your videos as well as your channel.
Describe your channel, and seriously consider the video quality titles you decide on.

Below is 32 suggestion and applications YouTube for Your Business Marketing and Advertising
1. Arange a channel to reflect your brand name and interact with others.
2. Show your product or service for doing things by using a video trailer style that's catchy.
3. Choose a user name  on your channel link that describe your brand.
4. Create a youtube video explaining your item product or service.
5. Add your channel site link to promoting and online community profiles.
6. Build trust to visitor by showing customer video that content testemonial comments.
7. Show the end result of others using your product or service.
8. Use recordings of past events to advertise your events.
9. Take viewers over a journey of your respective firm to assist them to feel connected.
10. Ask others to make use of your product inside their videos
11. Execute a competition.
12. Don't be afraid to move more steps by promoting another product or service.
13. To become more get trust from visitor try to introduce of your team.
14. Post some URL in your videos with several social networking sites.
15. Search for YouTube trend videos to achieve your target audience.
16. Another ways are using Google AdWords as tool to promote your video. This tool basically using text-based ads and don't require a relevant video from the business.
17. Get Online money from the videos by partnering with YouTube.
18. Analyze your channel's growth using the Google Analytics.
19. Show your company detail data in every single video including name, Site link, address contact information, phone number.
20. Get number of slides from your presentations experience.
21. To show authority try to upload recordings of presentations you've given,.
22. Create an dialogue by having an expert inside your niche.
23. To display some profesional, create short videos of great tips for your clients are able to use|.
24. Grow your search by turning your podcasts into videos.
25. Engage with all the community as well as leaving comments.
26. Record a crucial meeting to share with employees.
27. Post ways of common or related product/service problems.
28. Create question using term such as "how to","what is", "When" videos to aid your web visitors make use of product or services.
29. Embed videos on your own internet site.
30. Answer customer-unique questions with revelant video.
31. Post your site entry discussing an issue and build visual support by including a youtube video.
32. Go the extra mile with the addition of closed-captions in your videos.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable

Today April, 4 2019. When you searching about Hard drive that have Seagate brand, there are good news. I don't know is true or false, when I have checked on Amazon there is Seagate Hard drive sell with high discount from the normal price and that Hard drive called Seagate Expansion 4TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEA4000400). I think this is best moment to get that drive with lower price compare with normal price. This device will directly detected on windows and I don't know for linux, May be you can try it by your self.

This Hard drive have spesification:

Name Seagate Seagate Expansion 4TB (STEA4000400)
Capacity : 4 TB
Model Number : STEA4000400
UPC code : 763649071922
EAN Code : 7636490070471
Multi-Pack UPC : 10763649071929
Compability of this Hard Drive is Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux
External portable hard drive formatted for Windows out of the box
Drag-and-drop file saving
USB 3.0 powered
Dimension of this Item is : 4.61 x 3.15 x 0.82 inches
Weight of this Hard Drive is 8.3 ounces
And For Mac compatibility this hard drive requires reformatting. Reformatting the drive will erase all content unless it is backed up to another drive. Refer to Application Guide for guidance on this

Then for Waranty is:

Seagate Expansion drive 1-year limited warranty (AMER)
18-inch (45.72cm) USB 3.0 cable 2-year limited warranty (EMEA)
Quick start guide 3-year limited warranty (APAC)

Now Or Never

Just remind again for you that want to get lowest price with big size capacity of Hard Drive, This is time to go and buy it. Normal price $119.99. If you want to buy with price $83.99 just click ads amazon picture below.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Several Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval

I have found some issued about google adsense, especially that related to how to get adsense approval. Until today this topic still become trendic or viral on google search or group thread, i could say that, because there are so many people especially for blogger have same question with no solution of it. So many people has been created account with gmail and then create blog with that. People that using blog as media to create blog usually will automatically offer earning from google. This opportunity will not missed for a new blogger. But, there are some rules that must not be ignored based on google rules. When Blogger user login then will show several button on the left pane, one of that is called Earning with dollar sign ($). This button will direct you to get earning with google adsense and off course with several step that must be going through. After google adsense register process has been completed succeded than blogger user must wait from one day until several day, week or may be more than one month.

If Blogger user has been waiting for approval from google adsense more than one month, I suggest to forget about your registration to google adsense. Bloger user that has been registered on google adsense and wait for long time periode of approval because it does not suite with google rules.

Several steps below will guide you to approval google adsense with short time periode

1. Keep your Website content using original content. 

Many bloger or website creator produced a blog or web that does not concern about content. Actually just write content without considered about quality. If you want to really to get approval from google adsense make sure you have good quality on your article that has been wroten. And another thing that can be another reason why not many people get approve from google because of the website have unique content and google like this. Just keep your mind, Google adsense will approved website with short time periode that using unique content for detail you can read on this official website link (https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/7299563?hl=en&ref_topic=1319756&visit_id=636895155011650826-1890584874&rd=1). In my experienced I have been registered my website to google adsense and then get approval just in one day. But before I accepted, so many rejection that send from google adsense email. I have 15 article on my website on the first time I am register to google, then I improve and fix the article. At the end I have Approved from google Adsense.

2. Using Good Blog template

I have read from group one of the solution is using template that suite with google adsense, So many blogger has been created without considering best template that it should use. On the first time I am also create blog using standart template of blog it self. Is look not good in performance especially for visitor. Then I try to search blog template that have good on design and responsive and google respon to approved it.

3. Make sure using good navigation or Menu Bar

Navigation or menu bar on a website is something that must show on it. because it will help visitor to optimize visit on website. A website without menu bar or good navigation will give bad respon to visitor that related to your article that have been writed on it. As long as the website using good navigation bar the visitor will get take long time on a website to read an article on it. And google adsense suggest about good navigation on a website. There are 3 main item navigation that should concern to bloger. or you can read from this official link https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/2893020

a. Alignment - make sure that all the part lined up correctly?
b. Readability - make sure that your content is easy to read?
c. Functionality - If you have dropdown list, make sure it work smoothly?

sample of using navigation:
if your website related with Computer your navigation just like below:

or may you have website that related to travel navigation just like below:

It's also a best trial to provide a comment part for your guest reader or visitors. Feedback from visitor who've used your blog or website and pay attention your content by reading for long time it really really help you to improve your website as it grows. And of course it will increase your website rank to on google search.

That all for artile tips today, if you still have had issue about Google Adsense you can contact me by comment below.