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What is open source office?

From the smallest to the biggest business office there will be a need for kind of software to be used. Right now there are applications to cater for each and every one need you might have in your business.
The problem most individuals have is the number of choices they have in choosing home office software. The most important problem most people have when choosing things is making choices:

which software will be best for your needs?
What is the best free office suite?
Which office suite is best?
Is Opensource Office compatible with Microsoft Word?

Everything is determined by the specific jobs you need to accomplished, your budget and of course the sort of computer you actually have. In the event you ask most people shopping what exactly they want they’ll say “the best I can afford”. If you inquire further way they really need then you will probably get an answer similar to “well software that will the job but won’t cost the earth”.
Looking for something and needing something are two very different things. Once you help people get the dilemma of their spending it could help them choose more wisely.
To begin with you’re probably heading to need is an office suite of software. This can be the foundation level program that will support most offices ticking over. An Ideal office suite will include A word creator or Word Processor, spreadsheet, databases and generally some kind of presentation program.
Microsoft company Office is the office suite of choice right now but you’re heading to have to side over the lot of money to get the standard or Pro versions with this package; you’re going to be spending couple of us dollars. That’s a lot of cash for someone just starting out in business. Microsoft Office Pro is ideal items – it has MS Excel, MS Word, Gain access to, MS Outlook, MS Publisher, MS Note, MS Frontpage (Old version) and also MS PowerPoint. The high cost may seem to be high but really actually pretty good value for money – if you can afford it.
Your following choice is the Microsoft Works suite which gives you the same basic features of Microsoft company Office but with a smaller price tag. Gets results is aimed more at the home office market than Office is for example but it’s not as powerful as the true Microsoft Office Package.
If budget is really, really to be an issue then you’re in luck people. Opensource Office is an office that have license Free to use. What is Opensource? Opensource meaning of Software that could to develop and use for people with free cost. 100% free and it includes the vast majority of features that most MS office users will need. On WPS Office you’ll find Article Creator or known as word-processor, Data Calculation known as spreadsheet, But for Sketch and Impress (it’s like MS PowerPoint) that not bring on it. Therefore you have all the components of a typical office software package so that you can use.
Opensource Office is not quite to the same standard as Microsoft company Office but it’s being updated on an almost daily basis with new improvements and fixes from the bugs. That and the very, surprisingly low cost of $0 is something that is appealing to more users to this great package every day.
So make absolutely certain that the needs you have and wants clearly suite with your income prior to going shopping. You could wind flow up array dollars not as good otherwise.

Below are several Famous Opensource office that you can use:

1. OpenOffice

Opensource Office programs that have license free to use. It have several Item just like MS. Office such as:
Writer – is a word processor tool, you can use that tools to write something important for reader such as book, blog article or etc.
Calc – is a powerful spreadsheet tool, This tool have function to calculate, analyze data, or event create graphic.
Impress – is a great tool to create several educational presentation or event create presentation project using multimedia.
Draw – is an awesome tool which you can use to create or draw object that may be suite for project logo desain, Symbol or event Raw picture of animation.
Base – tools that related with database manipulation, you can use this tool to create, insert, Update, Delete database using query.
and the last one is called Math, This tool is rare to use. this tool to use for create formula and edit formula on Writer,Calc, Impress and Draw

2. LibreOffice

Writer – word processor, It have same function with OpenOffice Writer.
Calc – spreadsheet, This tool have same function with OpenOffice Calc.
Impress – presentations, This tool have same function with OpenOffice Impress. It could create presentation.
Draw – diagrams, Just like OpenOffice Draw, You can create picture with this tools (creating logo, Animation raw).
Base – database, Is not different from OpenOffice Base, It have function CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) on Database.
Math – formula, It have similar function with OpenOffice Math.

3. WPS Office

From what i see and through my experience. I have seen that this program is really similar with MS. Office if we compare with others Opensource Office. This Program is not just like others opensource, if you use free there are just three items that you can use with it (Only Support Writer, Spreadsheet, And also Presentation):
Writer,word processor, It have same function with others Office. This tool which have similar with MS. Office, So you don’t have to learn much more about the feature
Spreadsheet, You can create calculate data and creating Analytical data with easily with more awesome feature compare with MS. Office.
Presentation, We could build some presentation using presentation template default with confidence because the item on it similar with MS. Office PowerPoint.

And as an information for you that WPS Office not actually Free, because not all feature of this WPS show all. There are some others Features which available to download separately with WPS Office from the official website such as WPS PDF to Word, WPS Data Recovery Master.

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