Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Browser Slow Loading Pages

May be for blogger as me or you have ever experience with browser slow loading pages. And I have been through this for couple years ago. When I want to browse some website that i am looking for information on it, the browser is look like very slow on opening the website. This issue make make so sad, the information that should to be fast i get become more slower. And try i am looking several about this from internet using my android. And I got some answer to fix of browser slow loading pages. As well as I found the solution, i found another similar issues such as google slow to load, chrome slow to load pages, google chrome slow windows 10, chrome slow to load first page, web pages loading slow windows 10, slow loading web pages windows 7,  and  web pages loading slow Firefox.


1. Checked the internet connection

When the first time I got the issue my effort is try to checked on internet connection. If the connection on the internet is great and fast then I go tho the next steps. To do check on internet connection I am using My android device.

2. Checked your antivirus or Anti-spyware

Sometimes your antivirus and anti-spyware is behind of browser slow loading pages. Why I could say that, if you browse to the website and the you have notification from your antivirus and anti-spyware that mean it will do action to always scan each website that we get through. My suggestion is try to installed software that have fast action execution when you on the position on browse the site that contain malware or suspicious virus

3. Maybe your computer has been infected virus or Malware

People that have computer which have infected a virus will frustrated when using it. Especially when browse important information. The browser become slow respond when respond on computer user command.


There are two methods of  to solve that issues:

1. Manual Method

To repair of your browser slow loading pages is always keep your history clean. Don't let your browse history keep save on your computer. If you insist to save your history browser, than you must prepare when you browsing internet become slow and you will not get any update from website that always visit. I have sample on Facebook community that one of the member cannot access website which recommended to visit while for other there is no problems to access it. Then another members from group try to give solution by remove all browse history. And that solution is work perfectly.
Below are Several tips to remove browser history on Famous Browser.

for Mozilla Firefox click three dot on top right position ==>History==> Show All History==>Choose History ==>Delete

and Google Chrome click on three dot on top right position==>History==>History==>Clear Browsing Data

2. Software Method

For the second method is using software to help our computer to Clean up Browsing Data History, Spam, Virus or Malware. I think the second method is best option to fix browser slow loading pages. Before you use software method, Make sure that you choose great and best action and also not effect your doing on browse data. Because not all software that could remove issue about browser slow loading pages.

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