Friday, May 10, 2019

How to Crop With GIMP

For people that always have hobby of traveling, may be there are no activities without taking picture of place that have been visited. why i can say that ? because I have meet several blogger that write some article and show their picture on it. So I could assumed that Picture is very important should exist on each traveler blogger. Usually bloger traveler take picture about foods, Store, Nature View, and also vehicle which support on long trip. Many traveler bloger not modify that picture to insert picture on their blog. As we know there are community that will share picture with all people in the world such as pinterest that usually use unique picture. Picture that have been share on pinterest using vertical position. So if you want to make sure your picture suit with that social media tools, just try to follow this steps below to modify picture images.
But there are several people want to edit the picture to select several item on that picture that use for something to combine with other picture. And little people just want to remove background of the picture. And of course to get of all that, we must use several process until the picture ready suite with what we want.
As beginner. If you follow this tutorial and keep focus, it will easy to modify the image or picture with GIMP. The key of learn to modify image is focusing on this guide step by step. You must focus your eyes on each step that I will give on this website. Also I will give you video to support this tutorial so you can modify the picture without any problems.
For the first lesson in here is how to Crop Image and give text label on the picture. OK, let's try


1. Make sure you have GIMP installed on your computer, I use this software because is free and also easy too use. this tool have so much features just like paid software of picture editor.
2. And use CPU that have enough memory, because picture software editor such as GIMP usually use large memory when it use for editor process.


1. Open Picture that you want to modify

2. After image or picture has put on GIMP then check on your GIMP template that Toolbox, Dock-able Dialog is already show on it.

3. Then pick crop tool from Toolbox. And after crop tool choose then Select picture part that you want to crop

4. Drag and Hold the mouse to select part of the picture that you want to crop.

5. After you have select part of the picture which you have been crop, click on that part. Then it show picture that you have been crop


1. After Crop Picture is appeared, then choose Text Tool on the Toolbox.

2. Then click on the image or picture that you want to add text

3. Then write several Text on that image. And also you could modify the text that have been write on the image such as Font size, Font colors and etc.

4. After Add text is finished then don forget to save your image.

That's all for this tutorial today keep follow my website to more know update information on this website. Thank you.

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  1. well done mate.
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