Thursday, May 16, 2019

How to Remove Background with GIMP

Do you want to edit your picture from traveling from another country? There are several problems that faced with people who want to modify an image. Not all people know how to modify or edit images. Basically if we want to really want to learn it, there is nothing possible to do it. I am as programmer actually don't know anything about editing image. Because my supervisor want me to create Program, so automatically he want me to placed background on my programs. Of course i will try to learn and try to search software (of course not paid) on google. I found GIMP as primary software that i will use to modify image. And finally i could edit images using that software. There is something unique experience when i want to modify image that related with removing background images, is so hard to remove background of images. it take long time to remove that background. And then I try to search by typing "How to Remove Background With Gimp?" on google, and then i found it.  Is really easy and take short time to do it. GIMP is also great for other function such as add text on images, Cropping Images, Combine Images,
Ok, that's enough for my experience about "How to Remove Background With Gimp?" and now i will share how to do it. Also this guide will answer several question  that similar with that such as: GIMP remove background, gimp delete background to transparent, gimp transparent background png.
For me, question that related with "How to Remove Background With Gimp?" is not hard anymore. GIMP solved my problems with quickly with any cost. Just follow this instruction on this steps, and not less than 10 minutes you will be able to that.


a. Make sure your computer has been installed GIMP.

b. Using computer Minimum Processor Dual Core, Memory 1 GB


1. Open GIMP Image Editor, Then Choose files that you want to remove the background.
On this Tutorial I am choose images that show plan with white background. My goal is want to remove white background color. I just want to get plane image without background.

2. Make sure when GIMP Opened, Toolbox and Layer Docks will show on GIMP.  When Toolbox does not just use keyboard shortcut using Ctrl+B. To show Layer Docks, choose menu Windows ==>Dockable Dialog==>Layers

3. After Image, Toolbox and Layer Docks show on screen then choose Fuzzy Select on toolbox. Fuzzy tools is use for select part that want to delete including removing background.

4. Then before we use Fuzzy tools, you must Click mouse (Right) on the image Layer that we want to modify. 

5. Choose Add Alpha Channel, Then Go to Toolbox then choose Fuzzy Tool.

6. Then use Fuzzy Tool by click on the selected part or background of the image, then press delete and the part that has been selected will disappear and only left images on the pictures.

7. When Fuzzy tool has been choose, then select background of the plane picture by click the mouse (Left) just like the picture below.

7. After delete on background complete than save it as PNG extension. Just like picture  below

That all for tutorial today, see you on next article

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