Sunday, May 12, 2019

How to Setting ok Google

I have seen unique ads that related with google automation voice. Or may be we can say OK google voice. And today i want to share to you how to setting ok google especially for android smartphone. I think so many android user don't know to setting ok google on it. Because android use just focus on another application. According to my experience Ok google Voice is very helpful when I want to open android application without touch the screen. I am so surprise with Ok google beside help us to open another Apps, Ok google is also could be training us to speak English more great.
When you say ok google your google assistant will answer you. but before you could use it, you must have through voice recognition with 2 words first words is "Ok Google" with looping twice and second words is "Hey google". After your voice has been setup than google assistant will show and hear your command.
For the first time I am ignored about this tools, to me is not necessary. But now i have been used it for controlling apps. And there similar question about how to setting ok google such as :
of course that related 2 question above could answer on this article. I will gonna show you how to setting ok google or How do I turn on Google assistant or How do I open Google Assistant settings. Just follow this instruction bellow



Go to Settings on your smartphone that have gear symbol.


Go to Google on Placed on SYSTEM & DEVICE.


Then go to Search, Assistant & Voice


After through Search, Assistant & Voice then go to Voice. (There are several menu on Search, Assistant Voice such as Notifications, Google Assistant, Voice, Language & region and About).


On the Voice Menu choose Voice Match on "OK GOOGLE" sub menu of Voice


And on the sixth steps is choose Retrain Voice Model. But before you choose Retrain Voice Model make sure that you have been enabled Access with Voice Match


Then after Access With Voice Match has been enabled then you will be directed to Access your Assistant with Voice Match Agreement. On this section you must click I Agree button to go next steps.


Then after I Agree button click, then you will be directed to Google Assistant Voice and Audio Activity. On this section you must press Turn on Button to go on next process.


When you have press Turn on, then you will directed to Teach your assistant to recognize your voice page. On this page there are 4 four voice that you must said to recognize our voice with assistant. for the first and second voice you must say "Ok Google" and the third and fourth you must say "Hey Google" After voice recognition complete then your Google Assistant ready to help you.
Before you command Google Assistant, for the first time you must called "Ok Google" or Hey Google" then Google Assistant ready to accept your command.

After All Process has been through then your device ready to called Google Assistant. Just call "Ok Google" than Google Assistant voice will appear.

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