Monday, May 13, 2019

Website Speed Test

If you become a blogger there several things that you should worry about your website that have been created. People will not happy with your website if to slow on pages. This is really wasting times. I am several times has been visit websites that have slow on loading pages that i want to visit and read of their article. Make sure your website not blocked with pop up menu that show automatically when visitor came on your site.


1. Your website have issue with Javascript.
with website speed test tool you will found which part of your website that have an issue with Javascript and how to fixed it

2. So many flash content on your website.
Actually with so many content with flash is take a lot of memory on computer server.

3. Too Many HTTP request.
With so many HTTP request it will  bring "bottle neck" on your server and with more and more visitor on accessing the website it cause server cannot complete your request. But for good website, it have great server.

4. A lot of Ads that bring on your website (including pop up ads)
Many blogger don't realize that on of all reason the website loading the website is about ads. And I know many blogger use ads to get passive income. When website a lot of ads, it will need time to show all pages completed on your screen because waiting for your ads show on page.

5. The images is not compressed
With so many image that have big resolution it sure that your website will getting slow. Try to compress picture before upload on your website

6. You have unclean code
If you a website developer, make sure that your code is good and clean. Because if your website build with unclean code it can be sure that your website not work as usually.
And for user or blogger that does not experienced with all issue above that will so frustrated and confused. But don't worry on this article i will show you several online software that will help for blogger track of the issues above.

I am as website creator and programmer usually using several online software to repair my website.


1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is websites that could analize your website using Combination Character (A, B, C) and Percentage (%). Many website creator use this website to analyze of website page speed. This website using server from Canada as default. When I see visit this GTmetrix website has detected as number position on google search.

2. Website Speed Test (Dotcom-Tools)

Another website speed test belongs to Dotcom-Tools. This website has second google search rank after GTmetrix. This website has a lot of server location on testing website speed. This tool using value of times.

3. PageSpeed Insights

This tool is develop by google, it could analyze load page time on Smartphone and Desktop. It several data items that show on it. Also it have items that could detect what cause your website have issue on load page.

4. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is created by This tool is great to analyze of our website. There are several feature that you can count on this tool. That features consist of two items, first is come from Test Location server which have a lot country which you can chose by your self and then second is browser types.

5. Pingdom Tools

Just like others website page load test tools, this software could analyze website page loading times. But on this software there a not many country location to test your website. there are only six country that support on website page loading time. On this software there are show loading time of your website and also performance grade.

6. Website Speed Test | Uptrends

This website contain software that monitor website uptime, optimize performance and monitor multiple steps from 165+ locations, incl. alerts. Free & paid website monitoring services. When i take a look on the official website, the tool that be offered is not actually free but tend to paid if we want to use it.

7. Website Speed Test (KeyCDN tools)

KeyCDN tools is also website page test software that have a lot of location sever in this world. Also it show loading page time just like others tool that same functions.

8. Dareboost

On the Eight position of google search rank of Website Page test is Dareboost. This website have tool that could All-in-one service for website speed test, web performance monitoring and website analysis (speed, SEO, quality, security). This tools have quality and performance report and also the result could be download on PDF files.

9. smallseotools (Page Speed Test Tool)

As I know smallseotools have a lot of software that works online (such as Plagiarism, article spinner, grammar and etc). One of the all software that supported smallseotools is page speed test tool. This page test tool have litte features on it, this make me say that this software is good enough for website page test

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  1. Thank you for the great advice. I definitely need to compress my images.