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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

GIMP Resize Image Without Losing Quality

Hello reader, today I am gonna show you how to resize picture that may be always share on website using GIMP. To do this make sure that you have been installed GIMP on your computer. Why I am using GIMP because is using free license to use (you could check this link about my reasons). As beginner also you could resize this with easily just like me a programmer that want to learn about editing on image. Why I discuss about "gimp resize image without losing quality".
May be for professional there are several method about "gimp resize image without losing quality". They always tend to use quality as the result of resizing image with GIMP. Not always resize picture could support on good quality of picture as result. But for some people they just do action to resize picture without thinking about effect of picture quality. I have been long time to use GIMP to resize picture, and it have good quality when I use it to do that.
Some people is also thinking that when we resize image it will effect of the file size. Yes of course automatically when you resize the picture it will also reduce file size on the images. I have prove it with using GIMP to resize the picture of mine, and when I save it then the image size is changed

There are common reason to do resize picture (images files):

  1. The Picture have big resolution. If you have picture with big resolution it will get you make in trouble when you want to post the webs article that contain because it will take more time than regular on upload. The website is going to down in fast. That's why many blogger or website developer avoid using picture with big resolution.
  2. With have big or high resolution will have using a lot of space on the website server. With so many picture the server it getting down or people say server down.
  3. The last reasons that we must use resize image is could create the website is could not access for public.

Several Steps on Resize Picture (Image Files) with regular way

  1. Go and open your GIMP software.
  2. Then after GIMP is open, then click File
  3. After You click File then next steps is choose Open or you could use shortcut by using keyboard (Ctrl+O)
  4. After Click Open then Open Image dialog box will show on the screen
  5. When Open Image box appear show, then select picture or image that you want to edit.
  6. Next steps is Click Open button on the position image you have been selected.
  7. Image or picture that have been selected by pressing Open button will show on GIMP Screen editor
  8. On the next steps is Click on menu bar Image on top of the screen.
  9. Press button Scale Image, then Scale Image dialog box will show on screen.
  10. Settings on Image size that content (Width and Height) also (X resolution and Y resolution).
  11. After you have been setting the Image Size that press button scale to execute change image size.
  12. Then as a result the picture will change the size from the original picture.
  13. The final steps is save the picture that has been modified.
OK, that's all for today. See you on my next tutorial on this site

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Openshot Video Editor Review

I have been using Openshot video editor for long time. It help me to create video with simple way and with short time period of processing until finished. So many advantages when I using this software. And for the main benefit of this software is using free license. Beside that this software on almost Operating system. For me I have been using this software on Ubuntu (Linux). I am usually happy using Openshot on ubuntu because of free of this software attack by virus. I am using Openshot video editor to combine video (without sound) and audio to upload on Youtube. And the result of combination between video (without sound) and audio is working smoothly. And today i wanna review about this website.



1. I think this software is not hard to learn. And really, I am as beginner could create video with on short time period
2. When upload video on Openshot video editor, there is no problems at all. The video placed on Project files.
3. I could add some 3D title with so many types. You can choose type 3D title that have support on openshot video editor.
4. I try to drag and drop several video or picture in the timeline it work smoothly.
5. Process on add music or audio, I think is not hard and work perfectly.
6. After you have combining process between picture, video and audio you can preview without any problems at all.
7. And on the cut video process there several option that have been support on openshot razor tool. one of the several option that serve on it is called Razor tool. I think openshot razor tool is very amazing, because it could cuts a clip wherever I click.
8. When I processing video in the time line, I could change color of video that bring on Video Editor properties.
9. Openshot video editor is free of charge, and this make me more comfort to use it to create video video short duration or long duration
10. Also this software have update from the official website.



1. When i was using animated titles which needs Blender, but I get an error message, would be something like "no frame found at Blender's output".
2. Sometimes when process on combining between Video and Audio need more time to wait.
3. May be is not support for windows Such as windows xp. Because there is several people is still using Windows XP.
4. There are people that use OPENSHOT VIDEO EDITOR that want to edit video such as wmv extension. It could not upload wmv files on the timeline.
5. Event there is not a lot of language support on this support, But I am sure it will on the next update will support a lot of language.



1. This tool have using dark color as background. That according to me this is not good. I Hope for the next update there are some changes of this software including color.
2. The Icon button on this software is not bad, but there are several icon button that my opinion need to improve such as add button, recording button.



I think it make sense that when people create some video with high quality will need big support hardware such as computer component. For Openshot Video using processor with Multi-core processor and this is good for performance of compiling process. I think it look so great Openshot video Editor using at least memory 4GB (but recommended 16GB). I think is not enough to use 500MB of HD installation because such as video editor software usually use more than 500MB.

And for resume about Openshot Video Editor Review I think this software is really still great and awesome to edit or create video.

That's all for today, see you on my next article please Subscribe your email to get the latest update article on this website.

Friday, June 21, 2019


have seen so many article about How to increase organic traffic of website. It so many ways or methods have been show on the internet. But sometimes when we try to implemented the methods of the certain website it does not work with as we hope. I have a website that has been created from 1 years ago, there is nothing significant change of mine especially for “How to increase organic traffic“.
It really hard to get organic traffic to a website. I have suggested from my friend try to exposed my website through social media. Then when i have implemented to my website on to social media, my website have a significant performance on traffic. I have increasing traffic on that, but it not what i want. I just wanna get genuine traffic or organic traffic that come from search engine machine such as google, bing, ask and others.
After searching and searching through internet and then I have found realistic website and I think it should worth to try. I have found website that according with my opinion is not very hard and very easy to implemented it. I have try implemented the methods from the website to solve the problem of “How to increase organic traffic”.  Slowly but sure my website have some several increasing of traffic based on Social media and also by organic traffic.
On this article I will try several methods from the website that have been give me inspiration (but not all methods i will mentions in here). I have implemented just several part of method from that website. Below is several step that I have been used to solve issue of “How to increase organic traffic”.



When people searching something on the internet, it definitely there are part words which must to type on search engine to get result on the internet. People tend to looking something that they want through internet using search engine methods. A part of words that have been type on the search engine commonly is called keywords. I have been using keyword that people always looking for as main key to access our website so easily. I will give you example that people always search on google, I have type on google with keywords “How to start a blog” and the result show 135.000/month as you can see on the picture below. Another keywords sample is “How to create a website“, when I type on google search the result show 110.000/month people have looking for that. All those keywords are the main key to increase organic traffic.


I have been see a lot of website that contain article which have unique content. the website author have been using unique words and so simple to keep in our minds. With unique content people will always interesting with fresh content and not same with others website. I have seen a website that contain is not unique and event the website content is duplicate from another website and this make user will be boring. I event comment on that website but the author is not ignored (the website explain about coding). People will be boring with article that have been seen on other website with same content. Actually people that visit a site is really challenging with new content and unique. Creating unique content that i mean on this site is unique content that people that always search. And I have been this using this method and it works.


Just remember beside keep writing unique content, giant search engine such as Google like website that always content update. Not always site could update the content just suite with google want. Me as a worker and also blogger have website that not always frequently update. With not frequently update automatically, Google will not place my site on the top position of google rank based on people search.
I keep try and try to catch update article everyday but the condition push me rare to update my article in this site. Sometimes I can write two article in one week and sometimes i could write more than two article. I have found several website that always update, most of that site contain of news and information. I have research that site that always update article with will get good opportunity to reach page on Google Search Engine. Google will display site on the page one based on update information and also a lot of people looking for. As I mention above, that people like website that have new information and also keep update the content. I


Many blogger have right about something that people don’t want to be read because there is nothing advantage on the site. Many people using search engine such as Google, Bing, Ask and Others to solve the issue that have been faced. So this people want the answer about this and then search engine will do some action to search site that could solved the problem.
Search engine will show several site that similar with the issue and the answer from the page one until the last page. Basically people will choose site that have stay on the page one. And I have been try it by my self to create article with could solved the problem. And I have been implemented on my another website that have result of generic traffic although is not much because I am not update the article. When I update the article the have useful for other it will increase of my generic traffic.


If you want to help other to solve the problem on the website try to write content that easy to guide people. Not all people that search on the internet have enough knowledge. When you writing content which easy to learn then more easy people to access your site through search engine. More and more people looking your site on the search engine, it will effect your site on the first page. Try to use picture to more guide clearly of the site visitor. Actually people like combination between text and picture when guide visitor on the website.

Thats all for today about ” HOW TO INCREASE ORGANIC TRAFFIC “ and see you on my next article. And don’t forget to subscribe your email to get the recent update of this website.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Today i want to share you How to add pinterest button on blogger. Not many blogger know about it.
Why i say that, because basically domain such as blogger.com not support of this button.
So, this make not many blogger try to search or effort to add pinterest button on blogger or blogspot.
And for the other blogger just wait for people that have ability to do such thing and then pay for it.
Just like, at the beginning my blog or website does not have pinterest button.
Then when I join of blog group, there are thread that force me to do that.
I am so frustrated about this, because just like i said before, blogspot domain don't support this.
I have effort by searching article about it on the internet and actually most those article does not suit with me.
But my effort is getting result, and at last I have been found one article that i can count on it and success when apply it on my blog.

There are several to create Pinterest Button on our blog:
1. Login to your blog (Blogger Dashboard).

2. Then choose Theme then it will show show two button. First Button is costumize and the last one is Edit HTML

3. Click on Edit HTML Button to add Pinterest Button script on Edit HTML.

4. After HTML page show then go to Pinterest Developer site. to access that site just click this link

5. On the Pinterest Developer site you will show three kinds of Pinterest button. First button is called "One Image", then second button is called "Any Image" and the last one is called "Image Hover".
picture of one image

picture of Any image

picture of Hover Image

6. Then on the Pinterest HTML Script copy the code that automatically appear. on One Image you could copy this Script on your blog

<a data-pin-do="buttonPin" data-pin-count="above" href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.flickr.com%2Fphotos%2Fkentbrew%2F6851755809%2F&media=https%3A%2F%2Ffarm8.staticflickr.com%2F7027%2F6851755809_df5b2051c9_z.jpg&description=Next%20stop%3A%20Pinterest"></a>
 And if you want to use Any Image just copy of the script below.
<a data-pin-do="buttonBookmark" href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/create/button/"></a>
For bloger that wanna use Image Hover just copy script below on your blog.
<script async defer data-pin-hover="true" src="//assets.pinterest.com/js/pinit.js"></script>
After you have copy the script on the Edit HTML  then saved your changed and then view your blog. The pinterest button will show.
That all for today, see you on my next trip on this website. Keep comment and visit this website to get an update of my article.

Friday, June 14, 2019

How to Create ads txt

Do you  ever heard about ads or advertisement? I think you have heard about that. The ads could be the main key for the publisher to make money. It could be types where there are lots of ads companies that help publishers to generate income off website. But, it is extremely required to confirm the authenticity with the ads which might be shown with a particular website. The verification of ads shown with a website could be achieved by ads.txt file. An ads.txt file guarded between publisher and advertiser from frauds or others issues. This is important to add the ads.txt file on your own website or blog. So now we have been discussing the best way to easily add the ads.txt file inside your blog or website.
First things before adding ads.txt file on your website, inform us what is ads.txt and how if you are benefit to advertiser.

Definition of Ads.txt File?

The “Ads.txt” is only a text file that could be placed on your own blog's server and carries information regarding the advertising networks utilized by the blog's owner  as well as the owner authorized these ads networks to demonstrate the ads over the internet. The primary idea behind applying this ads.txt file is usually to protect publishers from frauds and bots as you will only authorize those ads network to show off ads on your own website which you're alert to and therefore any malware script that showing ads on the blog without your permission from any strange sources, cannot perform the duty it must do.

Benefits of Using Ads.txt:

Obviously, it really is future. The technology is increasing everyday. Advertisers searching for exposure on your own site won’t be tricked into buying misrepresented inventory and also you retain treatments for pricing. So, let's begin rolling your fingers on the best way to add an ads.txt file with your website.

Steps to Add Custom Ads.txt file in Blogger

You simply need to follow detail by detail help guide put in a custom ads.txt file with your blogger blog.

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard and Select the Desired blog you would like to add an ads.txt file.

2. Click on Settings Tab and after that Search Preferences.

3. Below the Monetisation heading, you will notice a choice to Edit custom ads.txt. (Look at the picture below)

4. Click on Edit and after that choose Yes to Enable custom ads.txt content.
5. You will shown-up a text box and you also have to penetrate your desired ads.txt file. There are lots of ads networks and they've an alternative identity for ads.txt.
If you are using only Google Adsense because your monetising partner, then make use of the below Ads.txt file.
google.com, pub-tttttttttttttttt, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

6. Replace, pub-tttttttttttttttt together with your Adsense publisher ID.
7. Once you have accomplished! Click on Save changes.
8. That's it your ads.txt file is currently live on your own blog. You can check your ads.txt file when you go to www.example.com/ads.txt.

9. Note: Do not forget to exchange example.com together with your website name.