Wednesday, June 26, 2019

GIMP Resize Image Without Losing Quality

Hello reader, today I am gonna show you how to resize picture that may be always share on website using GIMP. To do this make sure that you have been installed GIMP on your computer. Why I am using GIMP because is using free license to use (you could check this link about my reasons). As beginner also you could resize this with easily just like me a programmer that want to learn about editing on image. Why I discuss about "gimp resize image without losing quality".
May be for professional there are several method about "gimp resize image without losing quality". They always tend to use quality as the result of resizing image with GIMP. Not always resize picture could support on good quality of picture as result. But for some people they just do action to resize picture without thinking about effect of picture quality. I have been long time to use GIMP to resize picture, and it have good quality when I use it to do that.
Some people is also thinking that when we resize image it will effect of the file size. Yes of course automatically when you resize the picture it will also reduce file size on the images. I have prove it with using GIMP to resize the picture of mine, and when I save it then the image size is changed

There are common reason to do resize picture (images files):

  1. The Picture have big resolution. If you have picture with big resolution it will get you make in trouble when you want to post the webs article that contain because it will take more time than regular on upload. The website is going to down in fast. That's why many blogger or website developer avoid using picture with big resolution.
  2. With have big or high resolution will have using a lot of space on the website server. With so many picture the server it getting down or people say server down.
  3. The last reasons that we must use resize image is could create the website is could not access for public.

Several Steps on Resize Picture (Image Files) with regular way

  1. Go and open your GIMP software.
  2. Then after GIMP is open, then click File
  3. After You click File then next steps is choose Open or you could use shortcut by using keyboard (Ctrl+O)
  4. After Click Open then Open Image dialog box will show on the screen
  5. When Open Image box appear show, then select picture or image that you want to edit.
  6. Next steps is Click Open button on the position image you have been selected.
  7. Image or picture that have been selected by pressing Open button will show on GIMP Screen editor
  8. On the next steps is Click on menu bar Image on top of the screen.
  9. Press button Scale Image, then Scale Image dialog box will show on screen.
  10. Settings on Image size that content (Width and Height) also (X resolution and Y resolution).
  11. After you have been setting the Image Size that press button scale to execute change image size.
  12. Then as a result the picture will change the size from the original picture.
  13. The final steps is save the picture that has been modified.
OK, that's all for today. See you on my next tutorial on this site


  1. Very useful information. especially you write blog must resize pics for faster loading.

    1. I think is not from the picture, but come from the tracker of this website. Because is always monitoring who is come to this site.

  2. I use GIMP for editing images before but I'm having a hard time to navigate the tools but I'am sure I've learned something to this post Thank for sharing.