Friday, June 14, 2019

How to Create ads txt

Do you  ever heard about ads or advertisement? I think you have heard about that. The ads could be the main key for the publisher to make money. It could be types where there are lots of ads companies that help publishers to generate income off website. But, it is extremely required to confirm the authenticity with the ads which might be shown with a particular website. The verification of ads shown with a website could be achieved by ads.txt file. An ads.txt file guarded between publisher and advertiser from frauds or others issues. This is important to add the ads.txt file on your own website or blog. So now we have been discussing the best way to easily add the ads.txt file inside your blog or website.
First things before adding ads.txt file on your website, inform us what is ads.txt and how if you are benefit to advertiser.

Definition of Ads.txt File?

The “Ads.txt” is only a text file that could be placed on your own blog's server and carries information regarding the advertising networks utilized by the blog's owner  as well as the owner authorized these ads networks to demonstrate the ads over the internet. The primary idea behind applying this ads.txt file is usually to protect publishers from frauds and bots as you will only authorize those ads network to show off ads on your own website which you're alert to and therefore any malware script that showing ads on the blog without your permission from any strange sources, cannot perform the duty it must do.

Benefits of Using Ads.txt:

Obviously, it really is future. The technology is increasing everyday. Advertisers searching for exposure on your own site won’t be tricked into buying misrepresented inventory and also you retain treatments for pricing. So, let's begin rolling your fingers on the best way to add an ads.txt file with your website.

Steps to Add Custom Ads.txt file in Blogger

You simply need to follow detail by detail help guide put in a custom ads.txt file with your blogger blog.

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard and Select the Desired blog you would like to add an ads.txt file.

2. Click on Settings Tab and after that Search Preferences.

3. Below the Monetisation heading, you will notice a choice to Edit custom ads.txt. (Look at the picture below)

4. Click on Edit and after that choose Yes to Enable custom ads.txt content.
5. You will shown-up a text box and you also have to penetrate your desired ads.txt file. There are lots of ads networks and they've an alternative identity for ads.txt.
If you are using only Google Adsense because your monetising partner, then make use of the below Ads.txt file., pub-tttttttttttttttt, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

6. Replace, pub-tttttttttttttttt together with your Adsense publisher ID.
7. Once you have accomplished! Click on Save changes.
8. That's it your ads.txt file is currently live on your own blog. You can check your ads.txt file when you go to

9. Note: Do not forget to exchange together with your website name.


  1. Hello! Thank you for this post. I have a question, any chance you would know how to set up ads.txt for a wix blog? I have been searching the internet for a solution and I cant seem to find one..

    1. Wait for my next article, that will answer your questions

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  3. Thank you! I got the message to fix, but every time I clicked on download for the file, nothing happened. I was pulling my hair out. Question - do I need to also enable custom robots.txt? If so, is there something I need to put in the box for robots.txt?