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have seen so many article about How to increase organic traffic of website. It so many ways or methods have been show on the internet. But sometimes when we try to implemented the methods of the certain website it does not work with as we hope. I have a website that has been created from 1 years ago, there is nothing significant change of mine especially for “How to increase organic traffic“.
It really hard to get organic traffic to a website. I have suggested from my friend try to exposed my website through social media. Then when i have implemented to my website on to social media, my website have a significant performance on traffic. I have increasing traffic on that, but it not what i want. I just wanna get genuine traffic or organic traffic that come from search engine machine such as google, bing, ask and others.
After searching and searching through internet and then I have found realistic website and I think it should worth to try. I have found website that according with my opinion is not very hard and very easy to implemented it. I have try implemented the methods from the website to solve the problem of “How to increase organic traffic”.  Slowly but sure my website have some several increasing of traffic based on Social media and also by organic traffic.
On this article I will try several methods from the website that have been give me inspiration (but not all methods i will mentions in here). I have implemented just several part of method from that website. Below is several step that I have been used to solve issue of “How to increase organic traffic”.



When people searching something on the internet, it definitely there are part words which must to type on search engine to get result on the internet. People tend to looking something that they want through internet using search engine methods. A part of words that have been type on the search engine commonly is called keywords. I have been using keyword that people always looking for as main key to access our website so easily. I will give you example that people always search on google, I have type on google with keywords “How to start a blog” and the result show 135.000/month as you can see on the picture below. Another keywords sample is “How to create a website“, when I type on google search the result show 110.000/month people have looking for that. All those keywords are the main key to increase organic traffic.


I have been see a lot of website that contain article which have unique content. the website author have been using unique words and so simple to keep in our minds. With unique content people will always interesting with fresh content and not same with others website. I have seen a website that contain is not unique and event the website content is duplicate from another website and this make user will be boring. I event comment on that website but the author is not ignored (the website explain about coding). People will be boring with article that have been seen on other website with same content. Actually people that visit a site is really challenging with new content and unique. Creating unique content that i mean on this site is unique content that people that always search. And I have been this using this method and it works.


Just remember beside keep writing unique content, giant search engine such as Google like website that always content update. Not always site could update the content just suite with google want. Me as a worker and also blogger have website that not always frequently update. With not frequently update automatically, Google will not place my site on the top position of google rank based on people search.
I keep try and try to catch update article everyday but the condition push me rare to update my article in this site. Sometimes I can write two article in one week and sometimes i could write more than two article. I have found several website that always update, most of that site contain of news and information. I have research that site that always update article with will get good opportunity to reach page on Google Search Engine. Google will display site on the page one based on update information and also a lot of people looking for. As I mention above, that people like website that have new information and also keep update the content. I


Many blogger have right about something that people don’t want to be read because there is nothing advantage on the site. Many people using search engine such as Google, Bing, Ask and Others to solve the issue that have been faced. So this people want the answer about this and then search engine will do some action to search site that could solved the problem.
Search engine will show several site that similar with the issue and the answer from the page one until the last page. Basically people will choose site that have stay on the page one. And I have been try it by my self to create article with could solved the problem. And I have been implemented on my another website that have result of generic traffic although is not much because I am not update the article. When I update the article the have useful for other it will increase of my generic traffic.


If you want to help other to solve the problem on the website try to write content that easy to guide people. Not all people that search on the internet have enough knowledge. When you writing content which easy to learn then more easy people to access your site through search engine. More and more people looking your site on the search engine, it will effect your site on the first page. Try to use picture to more guide clearly of the site visitor. Actually people like combination between text and picture when guide visitor on the website.

Thats all for today about ” HOW TO INCREASE ORGANIC TRAFFIC “ and see you on my next article. And don’t forget to subscribe your email to get the recent update of this website.

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