Sunday, June 23, 2019

Openshot Video Editor Review

I have been using Openshot video editor for long time. It help me to create video with simple way and with short time period of processing until finished. So many advantages when I using this software. And for the main benefit of this software is using free license. Beside that this software on almost Operating system. For me I have been using this software on Ubuntu (Linux). I am usually happy using Openshot on ubuntu because of free of this software attack by virus. I am using Openshot video editor to combine video (without sound) and audio to upload on Youtube. And the result of combination between video (without sound) and audio is working smoothly. And today i wanna review about this website.



1. I think this software is not hard to learn. And really, I am as beginner could create video with on short time period
2. When upload video on Openshot video editor, there is no problems at all. The video placed on Project files.
3. I could add some 3D title with so many types. You can choose type 3D title that have support on openshot video editor.
4. I try to drag and drop several video or picture in the timeline it work smoothly.
5. Process on add music or audio, I think is not hard and work perfectly.
6. After you have combining process between picture, video and audio you can preview without any problems at all.
7. And on the cut video process there several option that have been support on openshot razor tool. one of the several option that serve on it is called Razor tool. I think openshot razor tool is very amazing, because it could cuts a clip wherever I click.
8. When I processing video in the time line, I could change color of video that bring on Video Editor properties.
9. Openshot video editor is free of charge, and this make me more comfort to use it to create video video short duration or long duration
10. Also this software have update from the official website.



1. When i was using animated titles which needs Blender, but I get an error message, would be something like "no frame found at Blender's output".
2. Sometimes when process on combining between Video and Audio need more time to wait.
3. May be is not support for windows Such as windows xp. Because there is several people is still using Windows XP.
4. There are people that use OPENSHOT VIDEO EDITOR that want to edit video such as wmv extension. It could not upload wmv files on the timeline.
5. Event there is not a lot of language support on this support, But I am sure it will on the next update will support a lot of language.



1. This tool have using dark color as background. That according to me this is not good. I Hope for the next update there are some changes of this software including color.
2. The Icon button on this software is not bad, but there are several icon button that my opinion need to improve such as add button, recording button.



I think it make sense that when people create some video with high quality will need big support hardware such as computer component. For Openshot Video using processor with Multi-core processor and this is good for performance of compiling process. I think it look so great Openshot video Editor using at least memory 4GB (but recommended 16GB). I think is not enough to use 500MB of HD installation because such as video editor software usually use more than 500MB.

And for resume about Openshot Video Editor Review I think this software is really still great and awesome to edit or create video.

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