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Why Google Adsense Not Showing

Hello friends, today i wanna share you about "why google adsense not showing". why i am sharing about this, because several blogs of my friends has not showing of google ads. Actually Google ads will show normally if our blog has been obey the rules including owner. My blogs friends does not showing ads for several weeks, in this is make me so want to know why this is happened.
I see their blogs is very awesome content, event their blog using some code or technology that i don't know such as new tab link is has been disable. When i want to right click on certain blog usually open link in new tab is successfully show link on other new tab but for another blog is would not opened on new tab. But the topic today is not about that, the main topic on this article is all about "why google adsense not showing".
I have been looking on the Google adsense website. And i found several reason why blog or website could not show ads. And so many reason why Google adsense could not appear on website. And based on Video Google Adsense live channel that i have been seen on youtube at July, 16, 2019 Google Publisher there are two reason why Google ads will no longer show on website:

1. Click by of the blogger owner (and is really not allowed)

This is frequently happened to almost website owner. This happened because there a no visitor to their website, so there is no visitor to click or event visiting the website. there are many ways to get traffic (with buy or just free). To see how to get traffic you could read on this related article below.

2.Request of Click (and this is not permitted)

Request somebody to click ads is not good, because the goal to do this is get earning from google with easily and fast. Just remember from the beginning that website owner have agree to follow the rules of Google. Google will disappointed about this. Did you know Google could detect about this action. I suggest try to be patient on getting money from Google.

3.There are Explicit text and Comments

If you write an article or may be just comment on other blogs, just try to use polite words.

4.Using Deceptive layout

I think not all website know about deceptive layout, Google will not allow using deceptive layout with ads

5.May there is no ads.txt

I have read from google that the website is suggest using pattern ads.txt. To know much more about ads txt you could read to this link and installed it just read on this link (how to create ads.txt)

So many blogger and website builder want to get earning from google ads. But several of them usually use the shortcut way to get their goal using ilegal ways (not follow on the google Rules).
Below i will little summary from that video, so your ads is still run will effectively

A. Prevent to click on your own ads.

on the video that i have been watced, Don't click on your ads, or ask other people to click them. That clicks will not count toward revenue and may get you get flagged.

B. Create and article that user want (just think like a user).

Provide content that's useful, interesting and have add value for the visitor. Make our content that easy for visitor to find that they are looking for.

C. Keep it family, Safe and also Legal.

Make sure that your website including content follow the guidelines. Make sure your content is have positive value for a child, Grandparent on seeing it.

D. Just try to maximize Content, Not ads per page.

I have seen a lot of website owner is tending to put a lot of ads on their website,with goal of the visitor will click it. But this is not suggested. Basically when we go back at point b, we should understand that user or visitor is looking the content that visitor want not ads. And a lot of blogger and website owner forgot about this. Google will appreciated to blogger and website owner to write an original article that visitor looking for. Try to update regularly, create new, relevant and interesting content.

E. Track your traffic

Make sure that people that visit on your site is organic or we could say that visitor that have been our website on google. and I think you could read article about Traffic on this site. You could track visitor as traffic using several tools. one the traffic tools is called Google Analytic. Google Analytic could track visitor on your site and also detect unusual visitor traffic patterns may be such as bot. And as you know bot traffic is not permitted by google too. Read this "How to get Traffic with easy way"

F. Try to Prevent of Modify Adsense Code

I think not many website owner has ability to change Adsense code. But some of them is an do to modify the adsense code. I suggest as new blogger as me, try to follow the Code Implementation Guide from google. Because if you have trouble on it, you could able to fix it by visiting Troubleshooting page or Contact Publisher support.

H. Do not using Ads more than Content

Sometimes me as audience want to search an article that could be solve my problems. And when i found the website, there make me really hate because there are so many ads that has been implemented on the website. I could not read the article with so comfort because of the ads. So many ads will effect with the visitor and audience on the website. The website will abandon of the visitor that want to read with fast. And sometime i have seen the website just using content of text but using so many ads and really I am still don't understand with website like that.

I. Keep Away from Unnatural Attention Patern

There are several website using methods of usually weird and also broke the rules from google. One the rules is talking about Unnatural Attention pattern. Unnatural Attention is a action to direct of visitor to click the ads. There are so many website using that pattern, sometimes blogger and website owner about that. I have seen several words that use to direct people to clikc to ads such as "Download here", "Click Here".

J. Try To not Create Mislabeling

This action just similiar with Unnatural Attention and one of things that Google not permitted. Sometime blogger places google ads under the certain words such as "Supported by", "Recommended" and others.

K.Avoid of Scraped and Duplicated Content

Another thing that Google doesn't like is about Scraped and duplicated content. Original content of the website is really important to collaborate with adsense. That is way from the beginning when audience want to registered to adsense must have not scraped content and also duplicate from other website. I have interesting website that i have been found on the internet. That website content so many duplicate content from other website, i have been commented on that website but the owner is look like ignored about this.

L.Do not use Content of Shocking

Try to avoid content of shocking to visitor. Google will not allowed website that content about bloodshed, fight scene and gruesome or freak accidents.

M.Prevent using Content of Misrepresentative

I will remind my self that Google ads cannot be placed on pages that misrepresent, misstate or conceal information about the publisher

N.Do not create Dangerous and Derogatory Content

Avoid content that have issue about threatening, harmful content against an personal, group or Organization.

N.Clicking ads by Encouraging accidental clicks

I think almost user of google adsense publisher has been through about this. Try to create separates between content and ads. And also be-careful when editing the website content which content of Google Ads, that may could happening accidental click on ads when appear as preview (before publish on public).

That all for today, my next article will describe about "Policy Center & Appeals review"

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