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Friday, August 30, 2019

Several Things you should Thinking before rent Web Hosting Server


What is hosting server or web hosting server. web hosting server is term of computer server that which becomes host of our data files of our domain or website. All domain data that could be accessed for public is store on that place in online. When you buy a domain and hosting from web hosting server provider that means you rent of computer on it. For simple words is you just rent web hosting server computer that have pay according you deal with the web server provider. Web hosting server is the computer that always run without any interupt from user unless there is trouble on the computer that must be repair.


1. Always keep web hosting server (computer) always run online,
2. Transfer data (image, text or etc) to user that accessed of domain or sending packet domain data to browser visitor.
3. Protected from dangerous pattern such as virus, spam and others.
4. Supporting Email
5. Have ability of creating database website
6. Supporting of Sub domain
7. Make sure it have ability with one click install (WordPress)


If you are a beginner of user that want to create website/domain, there are several thing that you must know about Web hosting server company. First thing that become main concern “how Web hosting server company could support server space”. Just noted that web hosting is always keep saving the all data on the Web hosting server (computer). You must hire web hosting server company with having large space on Web hosting server


Basically current flow of web hosting process is when visitor access the website or domain then the Web Hosting Server will respond by sending data that keep on Web Host that has been requested.


There are another that you should concern about hire web hosting server company such as:

1. Make sure there are Full Suppport

Before you rent web hosting server company, make sure it has full support for your domain and web host.

2. Don’t try to use cheap Web Hosting Server Company

Basically web hosting server with the cheap price will give you low on services and little support

3. Try to use big storage on Web Hosting Server

Many blogger don’t know about this.If they creating an article and add some picture frequently, automatically it will reduce capacity of Web Hosting Server Storage. As long with a lot of article and image that store on storage consequently more litte space that available on Web Hosting server. With little space on Web Hosting Server automatically will also affect on your domain or website performance

4. Fast Connection Data of Web Hosting Server

Many blogger is also don’t know that Speed connection of Web Hosting Server is important thing to keep in blogger mind. With slow connection on your Domain or Website, it will impact of visitor traffic. Visitor will not stay long on your website if your domain has very long time on page load because of slow Connection Data. With more fast connection Data from Web Hosting Server it will help you increase visitor traffic that want to know content of your domain or website.

5. Operating System on your Web Hosting server

There are so many Web Hosting Server company always provide Linux as their basic Operating system. Linux is very famous OS for Web Hosting Server in this world. Also with Linux bring many benefits compare with others operating systems.

6. Make sure there is Money Back Guarantee (Optional)

If you has been rent of Web Hosting Server Company make sure there is Guarantee about domain that not run smoothly. one sample of Guarantee from Web Hosting Server Company describe about Money Back Guarantee. But little of them support “Money Back Guarantee” and replace with another Guarantee.I am using Web Hosting Server Company with not using Guarantee like that. But for sure my Web Hosting Server Company, if there are something issue with my website the action will fixed it.

7. Backup Service of Web Hosting Server

Each Web Hosting Server needs backup, not always Web Hosting Server is running smooth but sometimes it will disapointed for the website owner and also for the visitor. And for the high risk such as the Web Hosting Server (computer) is dead, so to prevent that issue, then Web Hosting Server must be support of Backup Web Hosting Server (Computer). So The Website owner not worry if the Web Hosting Server (computer) is dead.

8. Control Panel of Web Hosting Server

Basically when you paid for Web Hosting Server there is system that has been install on it. The system is called Control Panel. There are a lot of Control panel that available on Web Hosting Server Company such as Plesk, Nginx, Cpanel. Cpanel is one the usually Web Hosting Server Company implemented on computer server. Cpanel is always known as reguler and famous software for Web Hosting Server Installation. On CPanel there are a lot of item that support for user. User could manage anything on it, it just user controller of their website including article, Image, Sound, Video, Email and etc. This software is awesome. I have been using this software more than 5 years to manage my website because is very easy to use and manager another items.

9. Remote Access

If you a website programmer I think to put your files on Web Hosting Server is better to use remote to get easy on transfering data. Because if you using reguler way by login on Control Panel (such as Plesk, Ngink or Cpanel) it take more than 2 steps compare with using Remote methods. I am usually put my data on Web Hosting Server using remote and it takes just 2 steps using FTP software.I was ever using reguler ways and it took more than 2 steps with took more times too of transfering data on Web Hosting Server.

10. Support Of FTP (File Transfer Protocols)

FTP is always use to transfer files on Website Hosting Server. Basically FTP is used for transfer files or data using Remote Access Method.And usually to get implemented this, you should installed FTP software. One of the famous FTP software is Filezilla. With Filezilla you could transfer of updating data yo your website without login to your Control Panel through browser.

11. Support of Database

Basically all Website Hosting Server has supported of Database. Database is so important to support website that related with database. Usually Database that bring on Web Hosting Server is called phpmyadmin. phpmyadmin is always used for programmer that want created website using database as focus such as registration form, E-commerce and etc.

12. Email Support

Today email is just like tools that could connect people from all over the world. Web hosting Server is always supported email for the website owner. if you have domain like example.com so your email will have extension …@example.com.

13. Customer Support

And for the last important thing is related with Costumer Support service on Web Hosting Server. Website owner usually will contact Customer support center if there are an issue from the website. And after complaint from the website owner automatically Customer Support center will send the complaint to technician people

Saturday, August 24, 2019

14 Custom Short URL

As a blogger, google short URL is on of the best method to get SEO on Google search. Some blogger has used it to post their website link using short URL such as google short URL. Many blogger does not know about short URL that could be use to shortener long URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Just for example from my site is using, https://www.infotrendnow.com/2019/03/best-ssd-from-2012-until-now.html (long address of your URL or website) and with custom short URL, your website could short address become http://bit.ly/2zddyjL, So when you see clearly that the last URL is short than before.
Many blogger has been know about custom short URL. They believe that with using shortener link, they could manage the website link. The famous custom short URL is google short URL. Blogger has been using google short URL until On March 30, 2018 (because it has been stopped according to the official website https://goo.gl/). With google short URL cannot be used again, then this is bad news for new blogger. So, with google short URL cannot be used then blogger or website owner try to replace google short URL with other custom short URL.
There has been many custom short URL show on the internet. And below of List alternative of google short URL:

1. Bitly

Bitly is alternative custom short URL of  google short URL. There so many blogger or website owner use this custom short URL. You could create short URL with free,  but if you don't register on the official website you will be limited of custom short URL. This is the official website address https://bitly.com/

2. URL Shortener (ShortURL)

URL Shortener is another alternative custom short URL of  google short URL. ShortURL permitted to minimize of  a social network link.  Just input your the long URL and then click the Shorten blue URL button. Ofter your shortURL click, you will know how many click on it. You could visit the website on this link https://www.shorturl.at/

3. Tiny URL | Free Short URL Redirects with Tinycc

Just like URL Shortner is an alternative custom short URL of  google short URL. You could input your long URL on the text box and then click green shorten button. This Custom Short URL  have ability to monitor every click of Tiny URL which has been clicked by visitor. You could use this custom short URL on this link https://tiny.cc/

4. Cuttly | Free Custom URL Shortener, Branded URLs

This is another custom short URL that you could use as replacement of google short URL. This custom short URL have long input textbox with shorten blue button. Just copy the long your URL and then press the button. And shorten link will show on your screen. This is the official website https://cutt.ly/

5. Bit.do URL Shortener - Shorten, customize and track your links

You could use this custom short URL. Just Shorten and personalize any address link.
you could track your real click as traffic. Input your link on input text box on point number one and then execute by pressing Shorten grey button. And this is the official website https://bit.do/

6. Url Shortener - link shortener online to customized and shorten urls

Another custom short URL is come from smallseotools. The method is easy just input and than click on shorten URL Blue button. And the short link will show on the screen. And this is the link https://smallseotools.com/url-shortener/

7. Rebrandly | URL Shortener, Branded Link Management, API

Rebrandly is the company-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name. But if you want to use it, you must registered first. And this is the official website https://rebrandly.com/

8. Free URL Shortener, Short Links, Link Shortener

This is custom short URL that different format from the others. The input textbox at the top of yellow shorten button. And this is the link that you could use https://linksplit.io/url-shortener

9. Short.cm — White label URL Shortener. Create your own short

Short.cm is an Another custom short URL that could use shorten link with using your own domain. Before you could use this, you must registered first at the official website. Click here for join and used https://short.cm/

10. T2M URL Shortener , Unlimited, Branded Short Domain, API

From the official website claims that there are several point:
a. No limit of Shorten URLs, Clicks & Redirects
b. You could use custom URL with life long access
c. Share through media social with one click and also using QR code
d. There is no Ads and Spam
e. There is full monitoring
f. Could use Protected password of URL
g. Have ability to create Custom Domains, Branded & Vanity URLs
h. Support of Bulk URL Creation (CSV Import files extension)
i. So many API that has been bring on T2M URL Shortener
j. One-click Domain Mapping
k. API of T2M URL Shortener  is  compatible with every Portal
l. And the last on is about Dedicated Support

If you want to try this, just visit of this link https://t2mio.com

11. s• id — World's shortest URL shortener

s.id is custom short URL from Indonesia. From the official website claim that s.id is shortest URL Shortener. Just put your long URL on the input textbox and when you press Red Singkatan Button, the result will show you on the screen. And if you want to try it just visit this link https://s.id/

12. YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

And next custom short URL is called YOURLS. From the website, YOURLS  is stands for Your Own URL Shortener. This custom short URL is created by small script of PHP to execute your long URL to short URL. This custom short URL is not like other shortener link, it suggest to create your own Shortener Website. Of course you must have PHP Skills to do this. I think this is not elegant for regular visitor. for PHP expert just try to do this with visit of this link https://yourls.org/

13. Earn money on short links

If you want to get earning money using Shortner link, you should try this. The work system is so simple just input your long URL to input textbox and then click on shorten button. If visitor see ads then you will earn money of every ads. Make sure that you have been registered first before you use your shorten link. But, becarfull sometimes it detect like spam. If you curious with this just visit this link https://shorte.st/

14. Short URL Machine / WhatsMyIP.org

May be several blogger now whatsMyIP.org, this website is basically use for tracking domain name. Beside could tracking domain it could create custom short URL. Just like another custom short URL, input or paste your link on input text-box  and then press convert button. you could visit the official website https://www.whatsmyip.org/short-url-machine/

15. Grabify IP Logger & URL Shortener

And the last one is custom short URL that owned by GrabifyIP. It has ability to hide IP address and also create custom short URL. Just put your long URL and then press Create URL. If you interesting just visit this link https://grabify.link/

Sunday, August 18, 2019

How to Disable Right Click on the Website

Hello reader today i wanna share to you about something that related with “how to disabled right click on website“. As a blogger of course there are several way to attract our visitor on our website take more time to stay on our site. With more time take of reader use on visiting our website automatically it could increase bounced to our site. With so much bounce happens on our site usually it could increase our page rank on Alexa and also on google.
I have seen several website that use feature of disable right click on mouse. I don’t know what reason of this blog owner using this. They should aware about what effect if the blog owner using it. They don’t realized that using this feature is also could decrease their website performance. If the content of the website does not have any benefit for visitor, automatically visitor will leave your website so fast. But if your web site have unique article and also have benefit for the visitor and then automatically the visitor will stay more longer on your site. The visitor will search another article on your site and visitor will always left click on mouse because you have been disabled right click on mouse.


If you curious about “how to disable right click on Website” just follow this step below. There are two way to to that.

1. First Method is using Add A Gadget or Widgets

On Blogger

1. Login on your blog, and go To Dashboard.

2. On the Dashboard choose Layout and then on the sidebar just click Add A Gadget.

3. After you click on add gadget, then choose HTML/JavaScript on the Add A Gadget Toolbar

4. Then Configure HTML/JavaScript will show on the screen. There two text box on itFirst is Textbox of Title, and the other one is Textbook of Content.

5. On Configure HTML/JavaScript, an important things to do is just type the code or copy the code from this article on the Textbook of content. You could also type a text on Textbook of Title but is not important thing to do.

6. When the code has been copy, then Click Save button on Configure HTML/JavaScript. After that Save all your modification of your blog. After you have save the changed of your blog, then try to run the code that you have been implemented on your blog through browser.

On WordPress

1. The first step just like on blogger. Just login on you WordPress Dashboard.

2. The Second step is Click on Appearence. And several menu will appear and you must click on Widgets.

3. Then on Widgets will show several Widgets items, on this widgets item just choose Custom HTML.

4. After Custom HTML is show on our screen, there are two text box will appear. on the first Textbook is called and the second is called Content. Just like on Blog Methods. Just type or copy code from this website and then after finished.

5. After you have done with point number 4, then click Save and also Done button.
and this below the code that you implemented to your site (just copy this code below)
  1. <script language=javascript>
  2. <!--
  3. //Disable right click script - By www.infotrendnow.com
  4. //
  5. var message="Try Others";
  6. function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
  7. function clickNS(e) {if
  8. (document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) {
  9. if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
  10. if (document.layers)
  11. {document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);document.onmousedown=clickNS;}
  12. else{document.onmouseup=clickNS;document.oncontextmenu=clickIE;}
  13. document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false")
  14. // -->
  15. </script>

2. Second Method is using Modification of Theme

On Blogger
1. Login on your blog, and go To Dashboard.

2. On the blog dashboard, then choose Theme

3. On the Theme Section There two button show on the screen. First Button is called Customize and the Second Button called Edit HTML

4. Before put code on the Edit HTML Section, make sure that your code has been converted to xml format (not html format) or use the simple way by copying this code below on HTML version
  1. <script language=javascript>
  2. <!--
  3. //Disable right click script - By https://www.infotrendnow.com
  4. //
  5. var message=;
  6. function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
  7. function clickNS(e) {if
  8. (document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) {
  9. if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
  10. if (document.layers)
  11. {document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);document.onmousedown=clickNS;}
  12. else{document.onmouseup=clickNS;document.oncontextmenu=clickIE;}
  13. document.oncontextmenu=new Function(&quot;return false&quot;)
  14. // -->
  15. </script>
4. After you copying the code above, then choose Edit HTML on Theme Section. And then script HTML will show.

5. Try to search <head> </head> on the part of the HTML script. But usually on blog the header section the code write xml extension (&lt;head&gt; ) for the Opening and (&lt;/head&gt;) just like picture below

6. After you found it, then write the code or may be using the simple way by copying the disable right click on Website code between (&lt;head&gt; )  (&lt;/head&gt;)

7. After you finished with point number 6, then save of all changed that you have been modified on your blog.

8. Then try to execute of “How to disable right click on Website” on the browser. And for me is work smoothly

On WordPress
1. login on your wordpress account.

2. After you login, WordPress Dashboard will show on the screen

3. Then on the left pane Dashboard menu choose Appearance

4. On Menu Appearance click on Editor, and then Editor Menu that contain code will show on the screen.

5. The left pane menu will show contain of Theme files such as header.php, footer.php, function.php and etc.

6. Just click header.php on the theme files on the left pane.

7. After header.php is chose than header.php page will show that content several code.

8. Then just copying html code into header.php page.

9. Find code <head></head> and then put the code below between <head></head>
  1. <script language=javascript>
  2. <!--
  3. //Disable right click script - By www.infotrendnow.com
  4. //
  5. var message="Please Don't use this function";
  6. function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
  7. function clickNS(e) {if
  8. (document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) {
  9. if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
  10. if (document.layers)
  11. {document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);document.onmousedown=clickNS;}
  12. else{document.onmouseup=clickNS;document.oncontextmenu=clickIE;}
  13. document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false")
  14. // -->
  15. </script>
10. After the code has been put on the header section then next process is Update File.
11. Success file update will show on the screen