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Custom Url Shortener Using GoogleSearch

I think for blogger or web owner has been heard about URL Shortener Custom. URL Shortener Custom is have function to short of the long Link. And many blogger has been used that. But almost blogger just wanna use URL Shortener Custom from google, because they believe that URL Shortener Custom is better to use it from google compare with the others URL Shortener Custom. Before On March 30, 2018 Google URL Shortener Custom is support for the public, but after that date Google URL Shortener Custom has been stop. May be many blogger and website owner willy disapointed about this.

Why Using Google URL Shortener Custom


I think the main reason of why website owner and blogger used of this method, is because it could directly the site to the visitor on google search. And my assumption is, when many visitor click on the Google URL Shortener Custom it will be increase on Google search engine. The Blogger or website owner will happy when the site have high position on Google Search Engine. Because It will improve of earning of the site (impression).

What is Bad and Good Link of Google URL Shortener Custom

After Google has been stop on Google URL Shortener Custom, many blogger try to Looking for way to create similiar method of Google URL Shortener. Several people has found that way, but when see and click the it will not directly straight to site. But that effort just landing on Google Search that contain link that blogger want to visitor click of the certain link. Bare in your mind that there several disadvantage to use this technique. That tehcnique need two steps and this really so make uncomfort to visitor. And may be for the worst issue when blogger using this technic there is posibility that visitor will click on false link because of not directly to right link. I have experience about other blogger that want me to click the site that using Google URL Shortener that directly on google search, I am so confuse which website that i should click because so many link that show on google search. So i decided to pick up with scramble way, that get result i click the wrong link which not suite that website owner want.
And for the sample of Bad of URL Shortener Custom just try click this link
1. Using Google Search Engine or I could say Google URL Shortener Custom (it will show the main website on the first page and then visitor click on that site). If you want to know the result just click this link here

2.Using Bing Search Engine (it will show the main website on the first page and then visitor click on that site).If you want to know about this bad link on bing search just click here

3. And next Bad of URL Shortener Custom using Yahoo search Engine
This is the bad link on yahoo search click here

Alternative for Google URL Shortener Custom

When I read from the official website there are two Alternative of Google URL Shortener Custom that recommended from google:
1. Bitly
For more detail about Bitly, you could read more about bitly on this related articles.
This is second alternatif of Google URL Shortener Custom replacement. it's recommended of google. But when i go to the official website, is look like there is several step if you want this Shortener. And so you will uncomfortable using it, because is not simple way just like Bitly. But if you want to insist using this URL Shortener just try to go on the website and then fill your data before you using it.

How Blogger Using Google URL Shortener Custom after Google not Support

Of course there are so many blogger or website owner want to use Google URL shortener to directed the their website. And blogger that join on the community will ever see that one of the group sharing the link using Google URL Shortener. But most of the member the member that post their link with URL Shortener Custom is using bad way.

Is there any Google URL Shortener Custom with the right way?


The answer of the question above is "Yes", I have searching of Google URL Shortener Custom on the internet and is so hard to find the way to use Google Url Shortener after officially close after March 30, 2018. Then I found a friend that could do that but i must paid for it. After I paid for using that Google URL Shortener i try to implemented and the result is really awesome.
The sample below is Great way of using Google URL Shortener Custom that I have been use to several Community.

I am using Google Search Engine to directed to my site, just click the link below (I combine with Bitly, the reason why I am used bitly because Google recommended URL Shortener Custom).

click here to see the result.

I have been used on many group and also share the link on several Social Media such as twitter. That's all for my articles today, if you interesting about using Google URL Shortener Custom for your website just email for the price. 

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