Saturday, May 2, 2020

How to Check Number of Visitors My website

Hello, today I wanna share about something important that related with visitor tracking. I think so many blogger or may be website owner want to know about:
a. How to Check Number of Visitors My website?
b. From what country that has been visit of the website?
c. Is visitor of the website is real human or bot?
d. And what website page that frequently visit by visitor?
I think several question above is could be answered if you are using visitor tracking. So many visitor tracking on the internet and you can used it one of them. In this website I will share you about simple visitor tracking which using Why I want to share about this visitor tracking tools, because in this software it show my real visitor click on my website. And I have join for many group, so to track member on the group I decided to use this tool. We should not always trust to all member on same group will always visit our link. Because I have some issue about member that join with same group with and it give sign that have been visit but actually not visit our site. And trust me using this tool you could check how many click link that have share on certain group.
I have been using tools to shortcut my long link when share it on the community. So many benefits that i got from that tools, especially for check how many member that has been click of link that has also share on the group. And really there several member that does not follow the rules, And I hope the admin or the host could be aware more fast before there are comment will show on the group. And as a result I could know How to Check Number of Visitors My website especially for member that has been click of my link.


If you want to implemented this, just follow this instruction below:
  1. Make sure you have open on your browser
  2. On this step you have two choice: first is create a bitly account or second way you just drop the link on input text
  3. If you choosed the second way, just put your website link on input text and the click on shorten button and the shortlink will show on your screen. Just copy that shorten link and then paste on community that you follow. But remember this method do not have visitor tracking.
  4. And if you choosed the first method just sign up first, after you have been created as a member of Bitly, try to login, so you could access the account and also monitoring of visitor click. With this method I could solve question about "How to Check Number of Visitors My website?".
  5. When you are the position that have account on bitly copy link from your website and then paste it on the textbox and then press create button. And then your bitly link will appear. 
  6. And if you want to try that bitly link is work or not just shared that link on the community or group
  7. Now we could track or monitor of your bitly link, if another member of group is clicked your bitly link, then it will recorded on your bitly account. And it will show the country of other member of that community or group.
On the community that have thread of visiting other link of website, this bitly link will help blogger to track other member is visiting the site or not. I am also have using it, And i have track that several member on the community that i have followed don't visit my site. And for blogger that does not have experienced about trusting on the community that have click or visiting site it, I suggest to use this software.

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