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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How to Make Money Online from Website

There are several question about "make money online from website?", "earn money online using website", or may be "make money from home using website?". To answer that question, make sure that you must have website. If you already have blog or website, don't just show to visitor as regular information. With your website you could earning from it although you have the small number of visitor. Just not wasting with little visitor, just maximize the visitor to stay read your article with not fast to leave your site.
the main factor is utilizing on every guest on your website and confirm that you have a earning method in it. after you have already did it, you will get any blog or website earning using several hard effort.

Below are several methods that you could to get earning from your website

1. Good or product selling

I have seen so many website that sell good or product have so many visitor, it because many visitor is looking for product base on visitor need. This technique is one of several methods to get money from the website. Make sure that the website that selling product or goods has simple delivery or shipment when use transaction with online. The sample of this method is like Amazon.com

2. Using PPC or known as "Pay-per-click" Methods

Today so many website owner using this technique. And according to my opinion this is the best way to do get money online. I have experience with one of many website that support PPC to website and that is called Google Adsense. And recently i got money from it. The basic rules is when your visitor visiting your site, you will get earning as long as your ads that has been showing is clicked by visitor. There are another advertising website that could give you earning based on click through such as Medianet, mediavine, Taboola, Mgid, Propeller Ads.
Just remind, If visitor click on the ads of your website, you will earn money. And when your website get huge traffic, automatically you will bring big earning.

3. Try to get Subscriber or follower as many as possible

It is very important the effort to get visitor from your site. And after you got result from your visitor, make sure you create list of your visitor. To create the list make sure the visitor is subscribing through email or with similar methods.  Today Subscriber is the vital item to get visitor more closely to our website.
With a lot of subscriber, is more effective to get your ads frequently show on your site. With ads comes frequently sometimes the visitor will click the ads and you will get earning from that action.

3. Try to join of website or blog contest

If you a blogger or Website owner, just try use this technique. I have seen of a lot of blog competition. With this competition not only visitor that you will get on the website but also you will get cash money if you win the blog or website contest

4. Join on Buy and Selling Website Group

If you have a lot of website that must be maintenance and you can not handle it, I think is not wrong that you should sell it. But if you want to sell your site, try to selling it through community or group. If your site have a lot of traffic, your site will have high price. on the buying and Selling Website Group the action like auction will happen. With auction the website will be seen for many member of that community. And sometime the site will have good price and profitable. So many community of Buying and Selling of the website such as Flippa.com, Sedo.com,

Sunday, June 28, 2020

how to recover data of your email

When you have problems with Booting, attacked by virus, or may be there coruppted files on your sistem have become much contained in any exchange or server of emails and may cause lots of your archived messages from email becomes gone.
Corporation which hardly depending using email transaction and never back up action will discover this as main issues. However file recovery produced particularly for data recovery including email could solve this issue.
Below are several instances of file recovery stages in three of the extremely popular for file recovery including email clients:

EASEUS Data Recovery

• First steps is run Easeus data recovery
• Click for drive that you want to recover including your email data folder
• Next steps is click button browse
• And the next process is Wait until time of recover the data (including email client) is complete.
• Once done, Folder that has been delete or may broke will show 
• Select folder that containt data including Email client that you want to recover by click on recover button

Outlook Email and Other Data Recovery

•Please choose File button -->click on Import and Export button... through the MS Outlook menubar.
• When the drop-down menu show, choose Import from another software or file.
• Then Click Next button.
• Move your mouse on the Personal Folder File extension (PST) to spotlight it.
• Then Click the Next button once more.
• With the Browse button, pick the backup duplicate with the PST files you need toget over your backup store.
• when the dialog box menu show, put a cheque mark around the box which says "Replace duplicates with items imported" to begin the file recovery process.
• Then click Next button again.
• On the file recovery process is completed, click Finish.


Data Recovery using Outlook Express Email

• Please choose File button-->Import --> Messages... in the Outlook Express menubar.
• Choose the Outlook Express version which you have since the email program to import from.
• Click the Next button.
• From the dialog box, ensure that you again  select the right Outlook Express version.
• Click OK.
• Choose the folder consist of your backup duplicate of your respective Outlook Express mail store utilizing the Browse button.
• After you already select folder Click Next.
• Pick up which folders to import  as well as the file recovery process begins.
• Then click Next; then Finish to complish the file recovery process.

It is really a undeniable fact that exchange and server of an email certainly are a vital part of any business. So to guard this susceptible element  of your respective corporation an Information Technology asset database center, you will need a great  backup application and modern file recovery software  which has been Trial and has good guarante on this job .

Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to Make Google Chrome Default Browser

I have found question about "how to make google chrome default browser?". Actually for several people does not know "how to make google chrome default browser?". Why few people does not about this?. Many reason to answer that question from different view.


Today many people also have already installed the Google Chrome as their default browser because of the speed of loading and also have good security compare with other browser. Another reason why people using Chrome because of improvement of the security. When you on the position of browsing many things may be could happened. Such as malware, virus or may be hacker attack. So The ability improvement of security is must work smoothly.

When you see closely using tools that detect of memory consuming is really take a lot of it, but the speed is really fast. I have experienced with my compute using DDR3 with 4 GB memory with linux Operating System. When I try Chrome with almost 40 website that already opened the computer still work, and when I see through System Monitor (Tool to monitor performance of Processor and Memory for Linux). It takes almost 90% of memory usage.

On this website I will show you "how to make google chrome default browser". To do that task, is not so hard. Just follow the instruction on this site carefully and you will understand the method to do that. The most important to do Chrome as Default browser is make sure that you have Chrome in your computer. And when I write this article, My computer using Linux. But don't worry if you have Different OS (Such as Windows or Mac).


The several steps below will guide you correctly to do action about "how to make google chrome default browser?".
  1. The first of all is make sure that you have already download and install Chrome on your computer. If you don't have it just click here to download and begin installed automatically.
  2. When you has already download, set up and start using Google Chrome as Browser, a pop-up will appear that mean to accomplish Google Chrome as the main browser or default browser. 
  3. If your Chrome is already which not a default browser, try to click on 3 dot on the right top position, then Choose Settings
  4. Then 3 dot menu will show like picture below
  5. Click on Settings and Settings Menu will show like picture below
  6. Then you will see Settings Menu will show on your monitor screen. Then choose Default Browser
  7. On the position of Default Browser Section then Clicked on Make Default  Button.
  8. Then after Google Chrome has been complete to setting as default browser, automatically when you have link, it will open with chrome


  1. Processor AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor × 6 
  2. Memory DDR 3 with 4 GB
  3. Operating System Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  4. HDD 3 TB (Combination 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

how to build a website (content is king and ease is queen)


Creating a personal free website is normally so easy, mainly because many free website hosts offer templates and software to relieve the method along. Most of Profesionnal point out that to produce a personal site that is certainly successful must have interesting content  linked to the website’s theme in order that visitors or guest reader can discover your web site which may think it worth spending their time reading.

Did you know that in many instances,  a personal site that is certainly just tossed together will most likely times below the knob on success over one that is certainly planned carefully? It is true, you’ll want to pay the maximum amount of awareness of simplicity of use when you do in order to look and material.


The early method to think about to create things simple to use on your own web-page is organization. Make the topics you cover incorporate some logical format in order that readers can locate what they are want. By same token, your web site needs to have a specific, consistent navigation format. In order to help people more easy scrolling through your website can discover what they really want.

This navigation will include a “home” button (whether or not the logo goes back, add a home button) as well as a menu bar. If your pages will demand website visitors to scroll far as a result of read each of the content, be sure you give a lower menu so readers don’t need to scroll back up to the navigation bar.
When you have ever visited a web site which has a splash page plus an “enter site“?. That site that using splash spage is could make issue to visitor. Extra selects through links is not going to increase your listings for searches. So there isn’t any reason to experience a splash page in any way. Unless your articles is of adult nature and you’ll want to supply a warning for legal purposes.
Reduce the clicks between your site content as well as the visitor by removing these not necessary pages. Your site needs to have Minimum of 400 quality words per page. But don’t write words are too much either. Try to build your maximum length for almost any page 7 screens long (that is recommended).
One final thing to be aware of whenever you create  a web site would be the drawbacks  to presenting frames. Frames are a great way to standardize your personal site. You lose individual website addresses for each and every article that should be read.
Additionally when those site show on a search, anyone using the link to see this content ever sees the frame. That is certainly needed to navigate through the web page. Just remember on your mind, Try to create personal website with content is king and ease is queen.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

How to Start A Blog With 5 Methods

There are many different circumstances in which one might want to start a blog. It’s good day and you’ve decided your passion for writing an article needs to be shared with the world; you have a knack for reviewing French disco-pop; you’ve been elected to spearhead the launch of your company’s new blog. Whatever the case could possibly be, I think it can be simply declared that there must be an acceptable level of passion behind that which you are writing. Alright, seeing that we have got that taken care of, let’s concentrate on the terms and conditions; the important points that few will show you and to be honest, usually are not obvious from your established site you already follow.
The real fact is, each blog carries a beginning. Unless you have already famous status, starting your site will not be simple. Beginning your blog will seem, actually who am I kidding, it will be a challenging job for quite some time. Granted, the longer you pursue establishing your website and which makes it a respected way to obtain article inside your field of expert knowledge, the ‘easier’ it’s going toget. But allow us to not prosper of ourselves; you’ll find nothing easy about starting your site over completely from scratch. You will come across some common issues at the start that have a tendency to get rid of the weekenders from your committed and passionate bloggers. To borrow some help, allow me to share my best 5 methodes:

1. What Do I Write About?

Picture From Flicker

This might sound like a silly question, but seriously, what do you write about? I find a lot of people run into this problem because they are not specific enough about their topic. So you want to write about Ferrari’s? Great. But even that can be narrowed down even more. Perhaps you write about the different types of seat fabrics or body kits that Ferrari owners indulge in. Or say you want to write about the stitching process that goes into the steering wheel of the Ferrari Enzo.
Yes, be specific! You don’t already have to be a specialist in your field, per se, but that is an end goal of writing a blog isn’t it? The point is, choose a specific area that you are passionate about, and write on that. It will make your job easier in the beginning, instead of feeling like you have to write on some broad topic.

2. No One is Reading My Blog!

Of course they’re not! You just started the silly thing. Really, unless you have the celebrity following already, expect a grass-roots following. Bottom line: content will speak for itself. This is why it’s so important to be sharing valuable information on your topic that is not found, or at least scarcely found anywhere else (this goes straight back to a specific topic).
As you write, pay attention to tagging the article properly, as well as using the right categories from the get go. I use SEO Quake and GoogleTrends to maximize tagging efforts.

3. Where Are My Subscribers?

This is a common question. You’re getting a decent flow of traffic, and your two posts per week are proving to be engaging and having your readers coming back for more.
Much of that problem can simply be derived from the fact that your “subscribe now” box is difficult to find, not functioning correctly, or simply isn’t there. One of the best way subscribers come on board is when they StumbleUpon your blog, discover it via Delicious, or any other social media avenue. Likely, they will scan over your blog, discern as to whether or not it fits their intellectual needs, and then move on. If it works, they could bookmark it or subscribe. But you have to be providing them with an opportunity to subscribe on every page. What’s more, perhaps add incentive to subscribe, but only if you can provide precise follow through; empty promises are best kept to past relationships.

4. Why Did My Viewership Decline?

This is a tough question because it could be a number of reasons. Did you just promoted your blog on Facebook and the promotion ended? Did you do a guest post on another blog over a week ago?
If you haven’t done any promoting outside of writing your blog and promoting it on Facebook and Twitter, then it could just be a slow period. At the end of the day, it’s going to do you no good to worry about slow periods (# of visitors, # of subscribers, # of comments). These things tend to happen with blogs. The more important thing is that you keep on writing according to your editorial calendar (what, you don’t have one yet?) and keep producing content.

5. Iam almost empty of Ideas!

Blank Paper from pixabay

Nonsense! This is more likely due to a creative block of some sort, and it’s also where you get a chance to spice up your blog a little! In the beginning, we tend to go for the obvious issues, the articles that are easy to write on. Sooner or later, you will realize that you have the ability and knowledge to write about topics you didn’t even know existed when you first started the blog.
Let me be clear on this: Be adventurous! Exhibiting your dynamic creativity on a subject will say a whole lot more about your ability as a writer and expert in your field than will the same article being regurgitated 10 different ways. Dig deep!
While there’s no paved road to success in the blogosphere, there are commonalities between bloggers that we can learn to share and help each other out. This is a community, not a one man show, so sharing tips and tricks along the way will help you become more educated, as well as improve the quality of content overall. There are just some of the hardships that you may experience.