Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to Make Google Chrome Default Browser

I have found question about "how to make google chrome default browser?". Actually for several people does not know "how to make google chrome default browser?". Why few people does not about this?. Many reason to answer that question from different view.


Today many people also have already installed the Google Chrome as their default browser because of the speed of loading and also have good security compare with other browser. Another reason why people using Chrome because of improvement of the security. When you on the position of browsing many things may be could happened. Such as malware, virus or may be hacker attack. So The ability improvement of security is must work smoothly.

When you see closely using tools that detect of memory consuming is really take a lot of it, but the speed is really fast. I have experienced with my compute using DDR3 with 4 GB memory with linux Operating System. When I try Chrome with almost 40 website that already opened the computer still work, and when I see through System Monitor (Tool to monitor performance of Processor and Memory for Linux). It takes almost 90% of memory usage.

On this website I will show you "how to make google chrome default browser". To do that task, is not so hard. Just follow the instruction on this site carefully and you will understand the method to do that. The most important to do Chrome as Default browser is make sure that you have Chrome in your computer. And when I write this article, My computer using Linux. But don't worry if you have Different OS (Such as Windows or Mac).


The several steps below will guide you correctly to do action about "how to make google chrome default browser?".
  1. The first of all is make sure that you have already download and install Chrome on your computer. If you don't have it just click here to download and begin installed automatically.
  2. When you has already download, set up and start using Google Chrome as Browser, a pop-up will appear that mean to accomplish Google Chrome as the main browser or default browser. 
  3. If your Chrome is already which not a default browser, try to click on 3 dot on the right top position, then Choose Settings
  4. Then 3 dot menu will show like picture below
  5. Click on Settings and Settings Menu will show like picture below
  6. Then you will see Settings Menu will show on your monitor screen. Then choose Default Browser
  7. On the position of Default Browser Section then Clicked on Make Default  Button.
  8. Then after Google Chrome has been complete to setting as default browser, automatically when you have link, it will open with chrome


  1. Processor AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor × 6 
  2. Memory DDR 3 with 4 GB
  3. Operating System Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  4. HDD 3 TB (Combination 

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