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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Simple Image Animation With Pencil 2D

Hi friends, we meet again on my channel. Today I will explain how to create an animated video using Pencil 2D software. And this time I will explain the video making which using an image. The image will move and in the end it will stop at a certain point. There are two things to note here, the first thing is the tools and the second one is the Timeline. Why I could said that, is because both of that things are an important part of creating a simple image animation.
In this software there is a Timeline feature that serves to create animations. In the timeline feature there are three layers. The first layer is a bitmap, the second layer is Vector, and the last layer is the camera. And I don’t want to explain more details about those three layers. In this website I just focus in making simple animations only. Alright, let’s get started and watch carefully.


First steps, open the Pencil 2d Software program. Make sure the Program is installed on your computer.

Second steps, choose the File menu.

Third steps then choose Import and then select the image.

Fourth steps, once the image import is complete then the image will automatically be entered in the template.

Fifth steps placing your mouse in the Camera layer inside the timeline.

Sixth steps is to make a point based on key. And there are some people who call key as keyframes. KeyFrames are a crucial part of the movement of an animation that we will create. The beginning of the key or keyframe is at number one and also as the default number.

Seventh steps is creating a key at number 12, after it done then create a key again with range distance of 12. So after creating the key in the number 12 then we create the key again at number 24.
When creating the key in the number 12 or creating key in the number of 24 at the same time move the image that has been imported using the Hand tool in the section of template that you want.
Keep doing on creating key on timeline with moving of the images until it reaches a certain key point that you think is enough as the end of the process of motion or raw animation.

Eight steps, to see the results of the movements made in the timeline, move your mouse over the animation button on the menu located at the top. And you’ll see a simple animation result that you’ve made.

The final steps is to make that simple animation a movie that you might be able to collect as an assignment from your school or upload it to YouTube.

That’s all for today see you again on my next article.
Thank you

Sunday, July 26, 2020

How to counting An Images On Ms. Excel

Hello visitor, today I want to share to you how to solve the problem that related with MS excel/Spreadsheet using excel macro. Each computer that have Microsoft installation will get Excel Macro on it. Excel Macro run based on the VBA Script. This Excel Macro will help you that have same problem that I have been faced.
I have problems with "how to count picture or image on Spreadsheet". Basically Spreadsheet is used for calculating for number, creating data, analyze data and creating diagram or chart. But there is a question "how to count image that put on excel?". OK, on this website I will answer that question
As for excel beginner maybe is so hard to do something unusual work, especially that related with work that cannot solve with regular way. To count an image on Spreadsheet is so hard, especially when there are so many image that placed on Spreadsheet and we could not count it manually. If we could do count it manually, automatically will spent more time to do that compare if using unusual way.
Unusual method to count image on Spreadsheet will help us to make easy on calculating the image without take time to long. With just one click button and the result will show on the screen. How it works? Ok to do that you must really focus on the several steps that I show on this web


  1. Make sure that you have installed or macro has already show on menu bar.
  2. If you have already macro on menu bar then go to on sheet from worksheet, and then right click on Sheet1
  3. Then it will show menu option and then choose view code
  4. After choose view code, then the blank vba script/code will show on screen.
  5. On the menu Insert (above of the blank vba sript) then  choose Module
  6. Module script template will show and place these code below on The module
  7. There is something that you must pay attention with several code especially about (Range("A2:D17")), these mean that your image object must be on the area between Cell A2 and D17. If you place image not in that range area, the image will not count.
  8. After the code place on module and now, close and then Back to Excel Sheet.
  9. Create Button form the developer option. And then Assign Macro will show on the screen
  10. Choose Macro Module name that you have been created.
  11. Then for The final step is click "OK", for trial of counting the images try to create a number of image with different object. When you click the button, Notification message of number will show on the screen.
And you could also the video below to see the real example that i have been created. That's all for today, see you on my next article.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Best Fee Drawing Software


So many computer user do the work online. And some of them in the end fall into necessity of best free drawing software to get money. But they're unwilling to search out, since they are scared about that software. Those most drawing software is available on the internet is illegal or pirated.
Now, certainly, in case you are downloading anything coming from  website that contain crack such as a torrent site that normally costs money, then you're probably doing something illegal - I usually do not recommend this.
On the opposite hand, there are lots of places online to acquire this kind of software completely legally. In fact, you are able to download it from the creator website, and they're going very happy to create it for you free of charge! This is because the application is using open source.
This basically means that the program continues to be produced by volunteers, and continues to be licensed for usage inside the public domain, so long as you stick to the rules.
These rules are often pretty simple to follow. They just need to make certain that you just aren't planning to place their free creation that they've meticulously developed and attempt to sell it off yourself.
How work these businesses generate profits, you could possibly ask? Well, they don't really. Open source is kind of much like the online application equal of as a non-profit. They work since they believe there must bean alternative choice to the super expensive drawing computer programs that currently exist.


Today, you could be already informed about the expensive of paid application. That software is possible to use for drawing and also work that related with graphic design. This type of paid version it have famous name such as Coreldraw or Photoshop (that is only I know).
This kind of application could cost lots of money of dollars. But, if you are a not amateur and doing top quality work, then you should choose these paid programs. Where they have a very great of features how the free utilities usually do not have.


But, in case you are simply working for a lot of everyday software for individual use as well as to use on your small company, then this free software could possibly be only the ticket. A several of examples with this type of best free drawing software are Paint.Net and Gimp.Org. Both of these are Open Source.
When somebody charges money because of these, they well be prosecuted based on GPL license that must accept once people download them.
There are people, programs like these is going to do exactly what you'll need. You could do picture modifying, you are able to draw images over from the scratch, it is possible to let your children draw, you are able to create graphics, you are able t make banners -their list of tasks why these apps are fit for really is limitless.
I would recommend say that a lot of people using a requirement for application to draw in with could easily get by using the free versions.
The version of paid utilities including the ones that I previously mentioned are truly only for your most top quality uses. The corporations which make them attempt to assure you otherwise obviously.
But you do not have anything to lose by while using the free application, now can you? If it doesn't meet your requirements, then it is possible always simply to uninstall it, after which buy a paid software such as CorelDraw or Photoshop.
So it not wrong to download some free drawing application today and provide it a chance - I use a feeling that after you attempt it, you may never get back to the expensive cost alternatives!

And below are several best free drawing software:

If you have hobby to drawing on computer is not possible that you don't about this application. Basically GIMP is develop for Linux Operating System but now it support for famous Operating system in the world such as (Windows, Linux and Mac OS). This application is support many feature that almost same with paid version

Just like GIMP, INKSCAPE basically is developed for Linux Operating system. This tool is very amazing because it have a lot of item feature that bring on it. I could create shape or may be shape that what we want. It compatible to the famous Operating System Such As Windows, Linux and Also Mac OS

I think pencil2d is good for your kids that have a hobby of drawing pictures. It Lightweight and easy to use so your kids can concentrate on drawing object or picture. This software is compatible with Mac, Linux an also Windows Operating System.

synfig studio is another best free drawing software that have free license. This application could create film animation too. I think if you teach your kids about this tool, it will make happy. Because beside children that have hobby to draw, they also like moving picture or we could say with simple word is animation. Although this tool is free but the feature is so amazing. I recommended you to try this tool.