Sunday, July 26, 2020

How to counting An Images On Ms. Excel

Hello visitor, today I want to share to you how to solve the problem that related with MS excel/Spreadsheet using excel macro. Each computer that have Microsoft installation will get Excel Macro on it. Excel Macro run based on the VBA Script. This Excel Macro will help you that have same problem that I have been faced.
I have problems with "how to count picture or image on Spreadsheet". Basically Spreadsheet is used for calculating for number, creating data, analyze data and creating diagram or chart. But there is a question "how to count image that put on excel?". OK, on this website I will answer that question
As for excel beginner maybe is so hard to do something unusual work, especially that related with work that cannot solve with regular way. To count an image on Spreadsheet is so hard, especially when there are so many image that placed on Spreadsheet and we could not count it manually. If we could do count it manually, automatically will spent more time to do that compare if using unusual way.
Unusual method to count image on Spreadsheet will help us to make easy on calculating the image without take time to long. With just one click button and the result will show on the screen. How it works? Ok to do that you must really focus on the several steps that I show on this web


  1. Make sure that you have installed or macro has already show on menu bar.
  2. If you have already macro on menu bar then go to on sheet from worksheet, and then right click on Sheet1
  3. Then it will show menu option and then choose view code
  4. After choose view code, then the blank vba script/code will show on screen.
  5. On the menu Insert (above of the blank vba sript) then  choose Module
  6. Module script template will show and place these code below on The module
  7. There is something that you must pay attention with several code especially about (Range("A2:D17")), these mean that your image object must be on the area between Cell A2 and D17. If you place image not in that range area, the image will not count.
  8. After the code place on module and now, close and then Back to Excel Sheet.
  9. Create Button form the developer option. And then Assign Macro will show on the screen
  10. Choose Macro Module name that you have been created.
  11. Then for The final step is click "OK", for trial of counting the images try to create a number of image with different object. When you click the button, Notification message of number will show on the screen.
And you could also the video below to see the real example that i have been created. That's all for today, see you on my next article.

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