Saturday, August 1, 2020

How To Cut Audio in Audacity

Hello friends, welcome back to my website. I'm interested in some audio questions like the following:
How to convert Video to audio format? and may be with related question about "How to cut or trim audio?"
The above questions can actually be answered using the software that relates to the audio-video.
Of course if you have a paid software, it will be able to run perfectly.
But what about the free version? From my experience mainly using the Windows operating system, using free audio software can be done but is limited. and Also almost of free version using trial period of limitation.
When I tried to use a Linux operating system (Ubuntu), so many audio and video software available in that operating system. And I'm interested in one audio software that's completely free. The Software is called audacity.
Audacity is a completely free audio software. Besides being free, this software is also very easy to use.
I've been using this software for several times and it's easy to use, especially when editing the sound or converting from video to audio format.
This software is able to convert from video into several types of audio files extension. And this seems to me to be amazing software that is not paid. Then in addition, the software has a lot of features that you may be able to try, such as scrubbing, playing, recording and etc.
To convert from video to audio is very easy. Make sure that the video to be converted into an audio format is a video that contains sound. Open the video file where you want to switch to audio format by clicking the Import button.


Then the video file will automatically be converted into the audio time toolbar. Well, if you simply change the shape to an audio file, then the next process is to instantly save that audio file. But if you want to do the editing process such as eliminating or adding to the audio file, then you should do it in the time toolbar of Audacity software. Below is the complete step on converting video to audio files format.
  1. Run audacity software, then choose File then click Open
  2. After you click Open choose Video files that contain sound which you want to convert
  3. After you find the video that you want to convert, Then click Open on the Open menu dialog
  4. Video will automatically convert into raw audio and the audio time toolbar will show on the screen.
  5. If you don't want anything to edit (such as cut), just click File then choose Export to certain audio format extension (MP3, OGG or others)


There are several steps that related with "how to cut audio in audacity" or "how to trim audio in audacity". Just keep watched carefully for the steps below:
  1. Make sure that audacity already run on your computer, then choose File then click Open
  2. Click Open choose Video files that contain sound which you want to convert
  3. When you have already find and choose the video that you want to edit, make sure that video contain audio. Then Click Open the video that already you have been choose from the Open menu dialog
  4. Then video will automatically change into raw audio format with the time toolbar as tool to do cut or trim process. 
  5. To cut the video make sure you have click select button at the top position on the time toolbar or you could press (F1) on your keyboard
  6. Then selected or block range the part that you want to delete or edit on time toolbar by pressing the mouse over the time toolbar
  7. The final steps is save the audio files that you have been edit based on audacity audio format extension.
  8. And then you could trial the audio that has been already saved.
that's all for today, see you on my next article.

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