Monday, September 14, 2020


 Hello visitor, welcome to my website. today I am gonna share about PlayonLinux. May there are several people wondering about (what PlayonLinux is?). PlayonLinux is a application that could run software that usually execute on windows system. With this application almost software that run on windows, work smoothly with this application. PlayonLinux is a unique and maybe amazing that have been develop on Linux operating system.

I have already using this software for couple years a go. I am using this software to run Microsoft Office trial on Ubuntu Operating System. This software is helping me to run application that basically run on windows OS and now could run on My Ubuntu Operating System. If you have Linux operating system, just don't forget to install and use it, Because it really helping you to run almost of Windows Application such as (Microsoft Office, Game and other software).

Did you know with this application you could also install old software that may be you want to use to remember in the old times such as Old Games.

There are several features on this application, the important feature of Playonlinux is install button. Because the install button is the main execution to run the software that always execute on windows operating system.


And also there are several item type application that could be installed on playonlinux:

  1. Accessories
  2. Developments
  3. Education
  4. Games
  5. Graphics
  6. Internet
  7. Multimedia
  8. Office
  9. Patches


And If you interesting to use it, just follow several steps below before you use it.

  1. Open "terminal" (without double quote) or you can press Ctrl+Alt+T button on your keyboard.

  2. Then type "sudo apt-get install playonlinux".

  3. Wait until the installation process is finished.

  4. After finished installation, then search PlayonLinux icon on Application search panel.

  5. And now you could install any Windows software that you want to play on Linux especially for Ubuntu
Also you could see the PlayonLinux video installation process below

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