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Thursday, October 15, 2020



Hi visitors, in this website I will try to answer the question about whether microsoft office can run on ubuntu?or in other terms whether microsoft office can be used in ubuntu. Basically Microsoft office is not available in Linux version especially ubuntu version. I've read several articles from the Microsoft office forum/group (https://answers.microsoft.com).

Many people say that microsoft office is not support for ubuntu version. Of course this will disappoint some users who are already familiar with Microsoft office. Basically microsoft office is available for Operating Systems such as Windows and MAC, but for Linux Operating Systems is not available.


Many users use Linux as an OS because it is considered safe from viruses when compared to Windows OS. So it's no wonder some users want Microsoft Office to run on Linux.

And some offices that run on Linux operating system sometimes is taking so long when opened the big data and expect Microsoft office to run on Linux (Ubuntu) to help on opening of big data such as spreadsheet .

I try to get answers to questions about Microsoft office for Ubuntu through search engines like google, Bing and others. And I found some answers and in essence are the same methods and solutions. The solution is to use a program that called "Wine".

As in the windows operating system, Microsoft Office must be installed first before want to use it. Before installing Microsoft Office make sure Wine is pre-installed on your computer. Once Wine is installed on your computer, the next step is to install or run Microsoft Office in the Wine program.

For the record when I run "Wine", there is no problem at all. But when the Microsoft office installation process in using Wine program, it show notification error and that make me frustrated again. 

This not only baffles me but also make me desperate to find a solution about the words that it relates to (Microsoft office on Ubuntu, Microsoft office for Linux Ubuntu or how to install Microsoft office on Ubuntu).

Indeed, not all answers will be solved from some references from the search engine where from some references it is claimed to have proven successful accompanied by the video.

After despairing of the methods I got from the internet, I assumed that something was wrong with "wine". or there may be something wrong or a problem for the version of the Ubuntu operating system that I use.

Then I find out which version of Ubuntu that I use on my computer. And the operating system version of Ubuntu on my computer is using versions above 19. And it's true when I try to see reviews of "Wine" for the latest version, it can't work properly. And surely the next step is to remove the installed "Wine" program.


Of course for the present, anything made by man will surely be able to do and the answer is "Yes". Except for what God has created, Man will not be able to make or match what God has created. Back to "Microsoft on Ubuntu", I have found a program that can install and run Microsoft Office on Ubuntu. And the program is called "PlayonLinux".

And for the record I use "PlayonLinux" to run Microsoft Office on Ubuntu with the aim of learning. And Microsoft Office in Ubuntu that I use is using a trial version (not a full version). Ok, the first step is to install the PlayonLinux program on the Ubuntu Operating system, then run it. Once the PlayonLinux Program is running, the next step is to install Microsoft Office in the PlayonLinux Program. And for details pay attention to the steps below:


Install PlayonLinux program.

Once the PlayonLinux Installation Process is complete, then make sure you already have MS. Office Files either Trial version or Full Version (Buy). If you don't have an MS. Office file you can search and download it on the internet.

Make sure that PlayonLinux is already installed, and also Microsoft Office software (trial or full versio) is also already stored in your computer.

Next step is to run the PlayonLinux program and select the application type menu to install, in this case we select (Microsoft Office).

After you have selected the version of Microsoft Office that you want to install, then follow the next process until the installation process is complete.

After the installation process is finished, on the PlayonLinux menu will appear Microsoft Office Icons same as installed in Windows.

To run it, select one of the microsoft office products such as (MS. Excel, MS. Powerpoint, MS. Word etc.), then click Run, it will appear on your screen.

If you want to see more detail about how to install MICROSOFT OFFICE IN UBUNTU, You could see on my YouTube video below

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Memory Card Recovery Software with CardRecoveryPro

In this present, there are many digital cameras equipped with not a few easy-to-use and advanced features to empower you to capture incredible digital images. Since images allow you to record beautiful moments in your life for a longer time, you want to take digital cameras everywhere. Whether it's a family get-together, a neighbor birthday party, or you're a special events, digital cameras support you record so many images. These images are saved or stored on different types of memory cards. 

However, in many cases, you may end up losing the precious image. To get lost images and delighted, you don't have to dismay or frantic as so many card recovery software are available today.

Images can become unreadable from the card in all situations. When you open and view an image saved on a card or try to copy it to your Personal computer or may be your notebook, you may face some issues, resulting in data loss. As a real situation, you can see the following issue notification when you try to open the images in your digital camera:

"No images found on the selected media"

Or another several issues that may be people have faced is:

"SD card or Memory card that says full but it is not"

"Camera memory card or SD card is full but nothing on it"

"The External Memory card full but no files"

The above situations can make you frustrated, if you are a professional photographer and if your memory card contains many pictures of your client. Of course, you can't afford to lose your own business or your name for the client, because of just technical issues. 

Consequently, it becomes important for you to knowing behind the issues and fix the same with the appropriate memory card recovery solution.

The Source of Causes

You may experience the above issues under the following conditions:

You won't be able to access any files including images, if your memory card or Media card file system is corrupted

If you deliberately format memory card or not figure out delete an image from the memory card 

Don't worry as in both of the condition said above; you have a better Opportunity of bringing back the missing files or images from your Memory card. Just search on the internet through search engine and then You can download memory card repair or restore software from the Internet and bring back the images with easy way.

This third-party restore or recovery software use improved and more effective tracking algorithms and take an image in their original form, Depends of the data issues condition. 

CardRecoveryPro is easy-to-use card recovery application that can effectively recover deleted or lost photos, music, videos, and multimedia files from almost any digital card after a disaster such as deletion, corruption and formatting, etc. Using CardRecoveryPro is safe and risk-free. The app performs read-only operations on your memory card. This does not alter, delete, or modify the data on the memory card to avoid causing further damage or overwriting. It recovers photos, music, videos, and multimedia files from the source memory card and saves them to the destination location you specified in just a few steps. If you interesting to buy or may be just to try, you can go to this link download here.