Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Super Smash Bros PC Ultimate


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been released and some people have played it plenty of times, I'd have to say this is amazing Super Smash Bros. yet. However, that doesn't mean that everything has been upgraded over previous versions but almost everything is. I'm pointing at the characters especially. It May not only me who feels this way about the characters they like to use. There is always some kind of modifications to your favorite character going from one installment to the next. It could be better or it may be worse.

Donkey Kong is one of my favorite characters that I like to use to play. He seems to look slower when we see from the character, but his charged punch is one of the strongest attacks in the game. On the other hand, his charged-up power punch can be released sooner like how it was in N64. Then, Mario is an all-around fighter who uses a wide variety of techniques to respond to any situation. From all characters, Bowser is the greatest nemesis of all! his power and weight make him a reliable fighter. I'm sure there are a lot of character changes that you like or dislike, but I think we must have to master them again and It would discover the new benefits that were added to each character.

The main method to play that affects me cause of the change of gameplay is the lack of the ability to easily drop down from a platform while running. I really like using this ability to drop down very fast to deceive the rival into believing that I'm really going down, but next I'll turn back up and attack aggressively. Throws are not as strong as previously, so the focus wouldn't be on trying to capture all the time like I did with Melee. 

And on this game ton of items, you can use to your benefit. We all know about the final smash ball that gives you a tremendous benefit over your enemy. it depends on who you use, the ending smash can be deathly. Link can take care of you quickly if you get caught in his triforce attack. The fun part is when everyone is fighting for the ball and you are the one that gets it. If someone else gets it though, it's cheating and not so fun. There is also a clock that slows down time, an assist trophy that spawns a helper to fight for you, and a whole lot more items to affect gameplay.

When you play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate there are so many characters that you will get. Today so you can always find someone you want to play with. There are many to select from in the beginning and many to unlock. The new characters are balanced and fit well into the game and the veteran fighters went through some changes for good or bad like I stated. every character is not the same and has its ups and downs. you must have to get used to the characters' moves and find out the benefit and loss of each move so you'll know when to execute and when and what your opponent will execute.

In this game, of course, the graphics are better than the previous version. Sometimes the game will even remind you of the previous version especially if you play in a previous version level. The stages and the characters are more detailed and you'll see amazing effects that are not possible in Gamecube during a final smash. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will definitely remind you of the previous version, but there are enough changes and increasing in graphics and gameplay that you'll know when you're playing the old version.

Multiplayer is a feature that wasn't available in previous Smash Bros versions but on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you could play it with multiplayer. You can now test your skills against opponents from over the world and see how really good you are. There are so many good players out there that can humble you. You can simply find friend codes on the internet if you don't have many friends. There is one thing that may by will faced if playing through the internet...that is call Lag (slowly movements). Lag can sometimes be a problem when someone has a slow connection and that's when you're not able to play at your best. The Good reason is that if you lose, you can blame the lag.

You can also be playing this game with your friends through friend codes, And also you can let the system search out a match for you. This is good for people with no friends or for older people who are too shame to ask buddies for buddies codes. One feature that I like is the place of the tournament. This feature could bring the people that already playing is not boring. And also the tournament is available in offline mode, however, but I think is better to playing tournament online because on this day internet is already present and could make playing the game more attractively.

I think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an amazing game and one of the best on Nintendo 3DS and the Wii. It can be the best party game or even to play by own self with all the unlockables and Nintendo 3DS. It's not a great upgrade over the previous Super Smash Bros. version. But it's enough to warrant a purchase. The Nintendo WiFi mode alone automatically makes this game a must-have. Every update or upgrade this game will Add all the cool new characters, levels, and items, plus enhanced graphics and it will be a solid fighter that will last for several years just like the previous Super Smash Bros. games. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was already great and you can't go wrong building on that and you can't go wrong buying of previous Super Smash Bros. games.

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