Sunday, July 4, 2021

How to Recover Corrupted Excel File

Do you always use the Microsoft Office suite? Microsoft Office Suite is software that is always used in the world. Because of the rapid development, where this software is often used in several institutions such as educational institutions, organizations, hospitals, small businesses to homes, and large companies. One of the Microsoft Office suite software is Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel is usually used for daily activities because it has an amazing feature to store important records such as data or related numbers. Well, there is a question what if Microsoft excel data crashes? at certain times you are required to save it after finishing working with the software.

Sad to say when Microsoft excel data crashes or corrupt, there are many parts responsible for causing damage to those files which include sudden system shutting down while you are doing work, the imperfect data transfer process of the USB drive, damage due to virus attacks, and many others. These factors are entirely the main reason for causing the loss of data stored in Microsoft Excel. For those who have experienced a large loss of important data, you should try to find the best solution to recover those data back. Try to choose software that has the competence of recovering damaged computer data back quickly and easily.

Think about the worst-case scenario below where the Microsoft Excel file must have been corrupted:

Let's say you actually have files in cloud storage e.g. Google Drive, where you can use to access anywhere and anytime. You've actually worked easily with Google Drive. But the next day, you find one of the Excel files in Google Drive badly damaged. It becomes your pure bad luck that you don't have any backup files stored safely and comfortably. With this event, you cannot take access and use the files you will be working on again. To be able to solve this problem, you have tried various possibilities but all of them turned out to be unsuccessful; of course with the case described above means you want to learn how to recover damaged excel files

Example of An Error Notification:

You see an error message that says, "Excel cannot open the file because the file extension or file format is invalid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the file format."

Methods you can use to fix corrupt Excel files:

Before going through all kinds of options to restore and repair damaged files, you can try the methods provided below:

Be sure to try saving the corrupted file in the new format.

If in the usual way can not open a Microsoft Excel file, Try to open the file using another similar format, for example using HTML or SYLK extension.

Another unique alternative way is to open a file in Microsoft Word.

Then try using the free built-in 'Open and Repair' facility from Microsoft Excel.

Alternatively, open it in Similar Software such as LibreOffice Calc, WPS spreadsheet, and others

The last step is to use the Recovery program:

If you don't know how you can recover from your damaged Excel files, then your last resort can definitely try the many software recovery software solutions available on the market. 

Usually, the software available in the market is in the paid version, of course, to try the free version you can download it from the internet with the trial version.

After trying the free version above, you will have a better understanding of the recovery software. You can then use Recovery software that can restore and repair all corrupted data stored in your Excel sheet.

That's all from me hopefully can help you in how to recover damaged excel files.

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