Monday, December 13, 2021

Panda Thermal Printer Driver

Panda Thermal Printer


Today many people have their own businesses, such as cafes, mini-market, or even tiny stores. So their many transactions will happen. Many transactions will be related to the payment to the cashier. And the final payment will create such as tiny bill paper. So the business owner must have their own printer that could create this bill. And the thermal printer is the solution. This common type of printer could be creating bill paper, barcode labels.

There are two variants of thermal printers: non-direct thermal transfer and direct thermal transfer. The non-direct thermal transfer printer runs by using heat to conduct the ink from the ribbon to the printer. And, the final result is creating an image or text on the paper. And for direct thermal is not using ribbon.

These kinds of printers use here to create labels such as images of text on paper. Is more efficient compared with a non-direct thermal printer. There are so many thermal printers that are available on the market such as Panda printer, Zebra and etc.

and today I want to share about the direct thermal transfer that has the brand name Panda. Actually, this variant of the thermal printer has already been used in the world. Especially for people that already run they are on business. Usually, this printer synchronizes with Point of Sales software or similar to that.

On the Operating system under windows 7, the panda thermal printer could not be detected. But you could use that printer using generic printer installation but the result will not be satisfactory. To get the maximum printing results just install the panda printer driver.

I have created my own Point of Sales Software. And when trying to use a panda thermal printer, the result is not satisfactory because of using a generic printer. And then when I am installing the panda printer driver. it could get the best result.


  1. Make sure that you have already download panda printer driver on your computer. If you could not download it, just follow this link to get the panda printer driver. Download here
  2. Then install the driver on your computer based on the instruction of installation.
  3. After you have already installed the driver than the next process is using the panda printer

With the direct thermal printer such as panda or another brand, it could make benefits on funding. Another benefit using the direct thermal printer is that it able print labels both individually and by batch, but for other printers can only print by batch or sheet.

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